Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Time Warner Cable Inc. is stepping again into the charged topic of consumption-based pricing for broadband service, giving its customers the option of paying less each month in exchange for a cap on their Internet use.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

If you give me a referral for a web site that I go on to sell, I will give you a 10% referral fee!
This has nothing to do about web stuff but it could explain why things in climate are a bit weird.
New post on video on my blog:

Video on the web what do you think?

Recently we have been doing more and more with video on the web for customers and soon for ourselves. I find it to be fascinating, fun but sometimes very frustrating. We have used YuTube and lets face it it is neat and the place where most people go. But one thing that does kinda of get you are the other ads that are there so for clients you might want to also look at Tumblr it is neat but the free version limits you to 100 Meg.  Also look at Vimeo they charge for a simple one but no ads, and you get 500 Meg upload. Soon I will have a small intro video done of me and my company and when it is done I will post it up with a link on my blog.

As far as search engine penetration, if you can stand the ads I would lean toward YuTube because the big boys spider it and look at it.

Also over the last eight months or so there has been a push to use video in e-mail. I am not yet sure how well I like this yet but as they say a picture in this case, a video is worth a thousand words.

Some links :Tumblr


OK enough on this for now, more to come!

Joe Rossini

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spot light on customer Action is growing fast in KC and offers a great variety of coffee and tea.
New blog on the benefits of Google +1 button

Google+1 what does it mean to you?

Neat article from Mashable media:

Google +1 button to users and content producers alike is new and potentially confusing. It’s different from Facebook’s “Like” button, in that it doesn’t directly share content to a user’s social stream. But the cultivation of a social graph has long been the goal of Google, and its connection to search was likely inevitable.
Google defines the +1 as a feature to help people discover and share relevant content from the people they already know and trust. Users can +1 different types of content, including Google search results, websites, and advertisements. Once users +1 a piece of content, it can be seen on the +1 tab in their Google+ profile, in Google search results, and on websites with a +1 button.
The plot thickened last month when Google launched Search plus Your World. Jack Menzel, director of product management for Google Search, explained that now Google+ users would be able to “search across information that is private and only shared to you, not just the public web.” According to Ian Lurie from the blog Conversation Marketing, in Search plus Your World, search results that received a lot of +1s tend to show up higher in results.
Google has come out and described the purpose of a +1, but hasn’t necessarily explained the direct effect a +1 has on search ranking. Here’s a breakdown of what we currently know.

Does a +1 Affect my Site’s Performance in Social Search?

The +1 has an indirect effect on your site’s search rank. This does not mean the more +1’s a link has, the higher rank it achieves in traditional search results. Take this scenario:
When a Google+ user +1’s a piece of content, he gives it his “stamp of approval.” Then, say one of his connections from Google+ searches for the same or related topic. Because of Search plus Your World, his friend is more likely to click on the same link the original user +1’d (when a signed-in user searches, his Google results may include snippets annotated with the names of connections who have +1′d the content). This is because content recommended by friends and acquaintances is often more relevant than content from strangers, according to Google.
This is also true for users who are not signed in to their Google account when they search. When a user searches for the same phrase, the results might display the total number of +1’s a link has received, which is another validation that it’s a relevant link.

How Does This Relate to SEO?

Since the +1′d link has a chance at a higher Click-Through-Rate (CTR), there is a greater potential the link will be shared, whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or any social network. An experiment by Rand Fishkin, CEO and co-founder of SEOmoz, tested the relationship between Twitter and Facebook shares and search results in Google. He found a positive correlation between the number of retweets and shares a link received and its search ranking. This means, the more the link was passed around on Twitter and Facebook, the higher the search rank of the page. This in turn led to better SEO.

What’s the Take-Away?

A Google +1 can indirectly lead to a better page rank. A greater number of +1’s increases a link’s potential for a high CTR, which could lead to increased social sharing, and in turn can increase its Google search rank. What’s important to note here is the correlation, not causation, between +1′s, other social shares, and search rank.
The bottom line is, the SEO effects of a +1 are very indirect, which means traditional SEO practices should not be ignored. SEO methods such as link building, relevant keywords, and URL structure have a more significant impact on page ranking.
The Google +1 feature is still in its infancy of course, and more data needs to be gathered to draw a statistical correlation to search. As Google said, “For +1′s, as with any new ranking signal, we are starting carefully and learning how those signals affect search quality.”
SEO experts, such as Erin Everhart from 352 Media Group, have a positive outlook on the future of social search. She says, “I don’t think we live in a world, nor will we ever live in a world, where any social cue doesn’t have influence over SEO.”
Are you seeing the effects of Google +1 on your SEO? Will the +1 eventually have a direct effect on search rank?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Equal time to Blogger, what is this blog service, visit my blog at

What is Blogger?

I am going to give some equal time to another blog service called Blogger. To follow is right from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Some of this might be slightly dated but it will give you the drift. I by the way use blooger and web press but mostly use Blogger.

Here is the link to read: Blogger info

Until next time!

Joe R

Can you put a blog on auto pilot..why yes:

Auto blogging

This is a small article about auto blogging. I must admit at times this would really be nice but of course you would not hear my great words of wisdom as much and of course I know you would miss me...right...say yes :)

Ok found this for a word press blog

The AutoBlogged plugin for WordPress posts free content to your blog automatically!

By using Auto Blogged you will be able to setup an automatic blogging system, which will automatically write blog posts for you without you having to provide the content.
This plugin obviously only works with self-hosted WordPress websites, but it can put your blog on autopilot or it can be used as a secondary blogging mechanism to beef up your own blogging efforts.
For instance you could setup autoblogged to write 2 posts a day to your blog and it will do it for you automatically. The plugin works by getting data from RSS feeds and is especially useful if you have a niche website or blog.
If you are operating a local blog you could take an RSS feed from Yahoo News sepecifically for your local area or town. Just put your town’s name into the Yahoo news search box and click on News Search to display the current news items. Then click on the orange RSS feed icon to display the same news items in the RSS XML format, Finally take the URL displayed and put that into the Autoblogged settings area for feeds in you WordPress admin dashboard area and then you are good to go.
Autoblogged will check the Yahoo News RSS feed twice a day for new news items and if there is a new item it will post it automatically to your blog. The content posted is an excerpt of the main news story, but it is valid blog post content and will be indexed by Google. So EASY!
You do have to pay for this plugin, but it’s not expensive and after you make the purchase all the content you get for your blog after you install and activate the plugin is totally free and runs automatically. Just set it a forget it. This really is auto-blogging at it’s best!
Apple is about ready to ditch support on Flash! Soon I believe Flash will be a thing of the past. If you have a flash site replace it!
New post about McAfee memory hog problem:

McAfee memory hog?

Neat article about McAfee and your PC:

McAfee's popular SiteAdvisor add-on for Firefox has a memory leak that can lead to huge performance problems, says a Mozilla engineer. In a blog entry posted last Friday, Mozilla engineer Nicholas Nethercote recommended that users disable the add-on immediately due to an "appalling" memory leak where most of the memory used by any page opened with Firefox is never reclaimed.
Given the multiple browser tabs that I typically have open these days, it's easy to imagine the performance quagmire that will result as available system RAM plunges after just a few websites. Any crashes or system lags will inevitably be blamed on the Mozilla web browser, which already faces stiff competition from Internet Explorer and Chrome.
While McAfee has quickly responded and announced a fix, to be released later in the week, the situation here highlights the challenge of ensuring that plug-in software does not contain bugs that can trigger software crashes or severely impede performance. This consideration was probably what led to Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) opting to ditch all plug-ins in the Metro-style Internet Explorer 10 set to debut in Windows 8, and to Apple abandoning Flash.
New post on my blog:

How to boost your wifi

This is an article posted by Tech watch, neat little article:

For small offices and homes with dead spots that their Wi-Fi access points don't reach, an article published on TechNewsWorld offers a number of simple tips to alleviate the problem. One possible solution, writes Patrick Nelson, is to reposition the access point to eliminate any obstacles that may block the antenna, such as walls or metal filing cabinets. Should this prove inadequate however, Nelson suggests getting a wireless range extender.
Free Wi-Fi analyzer tools available on the Android platform can survey signal strength, Nelson writes. A trial installation of the extender can be done next in order to determine the optimal location. He notes: "An optimum extender location is line-of-sight somewhere between the router and dead spot."
Overall, the tips make sense, especially for small offices. My personal advice for mid-sized businesses or enterprises environments, though, would be to invest in a business-grade Wi-Fi system. Despite the higher costs, many of these systems are designed with greater reliability in mind and incorporate technologies to manage multiple access points for superior coverage and bandwidth. Wi-Fi specialist Xirrus, who we interviewed last year, makes access points crammed with multiple radios for rapid, high-density deployments.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

New post of the death of QR codes :

This is an interesitng article about QR codes

You know those funky looking codes you see everywhere now, the ones that if you stare at them long enough you can see your dead relative looking at you :):)  Ok just kididng about the dead relatives but really folks I have never liked them and it now appears others are starting to not like them too.  This article will tell you about a new marketing wave coming and it is kinda of neat. The death of the QR codes! So enjoy!
the death of QR codes

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

New post on my blog about me, hope you like it

Just a bit about me

Well I do not often take time to write about me on here only about what I do.  I can tell you I walk everyday and like it a lot. I love cats I have 7 of them and really love my Abby's a special neat breed of cat. One recently got sick kidney problems we thought we were going to lose him but we were proactive and so far we have saved him but it may only be for a while, it is a nice Valentine gift to have him here and acting fine.

I also like dogs and had six at one time but over time they passed. My last one, a bull mastiff died at age four and that just plain hurt so I am holding off on getting another one just yet. I will tell you that a bull mastiff is one cool lovable and loyal dog and it is tough not to get another one again. I walked him twice a day sometimes more and especially at night I would say "I am walking Maximus" and away we would go and no one would touch me not with him around. Well every night I walk Maximus in my mind, I walk as if he is in front of me and well someday another Max will be there again.

I love my Percheron horses they are my big babies.  I feed them, water them and hug them but do not ride those gentle babies 2000 pounds of loving!

I love ham radio, yes I am a ham, I love to talk and have been one since I was 16. I will never forget going down to the FCC office downtown KC and taking my test, boy was I scared and this was a Federal building I was in and they were federal workers.  I passed that exam that day and was on cloud 9. I still get on two or three times a week and talk all over the world on a little wire. Imagine, no tele chord, no charges, I just talk to people and they talk back. When we have an emergency like weather, or snow, I listen and I am there and can if needed pass traffic around the nation. Now I am making sure I can work without power just case and I can so you never know, maybe I will be needed someday.

I also love solar power and have 20 panels on my house generating power and charging batteries. All I can tell you it is really neat to see the sun do its thing and charge a battery and I turn on a light and the light, or radio or fan comes on. If you ever want to learn more just ask me I will be happy to talk to you.

I also love to read especially sci fi so if you like sci fi lets talk.

Well back to work, hope you liked learning more about me!

Until next time!

Joe Rossini

There are other search engines out there

This article tells the story that other search engines exist and can be used also.  Google once had an 79% share it has slowly eroded. I believe they will always or for a long time be #1 but it does not hurt to try other search engines at times.

Monday, February 13, 2012

new blog on finding a destination

Can I get there from here?

Have you ever wondered if you can get to a destination from where you are to where you want to be?  Don't cheat no GPS yet please!! The answer is you can almost get anywhere if you think it out, have a plan and then act on it. Getting ranked in Google or any of the search engines takes time and it takes planning and also hard work. Yes I mentioned the dreaded word "work". Google the big boy in the house frankly is making it pretty darn hard for us little guys to compete. Do a search on almost anything and somewhere you will get a response that says Amazon this or Big Box store has that  you know what I mean don't you. try a search on something weird and watch if a large store with an A in their name says come here we have that when you know darn well they don't. They pay Google boo coo bucks to be there and I mean a lot of it. So again I say this, you can get noticed but it takes a lot of work and time. If you don't have the time hire an expert (I know one) to help you do this for you. You must do a lot of things today and many of us do not have the time. Blog, Facebook, twitter, Linked In Google+ writing articles, PR releases and there is still more. Start small do your Facebook and Linked in first.  Then I would add a blog, they are easy to add and do. have someone like me help you write a PR release or build you a nice new Google+ page.  Change your web page frequently and when you do ask me how I will get Google to go look at you.  There is a lot that can be done, it just has to be done if you want to be ranked or if you want leads,  So you see, you can get to that destination, it just might take time and a few road changes! 
Until next time.

Joe Rossini

Saturday, February 11, 2012

New blog about keywords

Lets play keywords!

Ok since I just mentioned keywords and how good they can be lets play a little using that Google keyword tool.

Lets start with web programming and I come up with a few of these returns:

Ok that did not really get me where or what I wanted! I am a KC web developer and I thought I would get better than this!  Let us try again and try to be more specific lets try web development:

Ok starting to get the picture yu have to be more specific! Let us try KC web developer:

Well it took to the fourth item to get closer! I will not go on but as you can see, you need to be very specific when you use keywords. I can help you if you need help. Just call me at 913-244-6132 or email me at

Visit my new Facebook business page at Facebook business page or visit my new Google+ page at Rossini on Google+         

Well enough for now, if you need help just shout!

Joe Rossini
How can I get in the first page of Google? New blog entry

How fast can I get into the search engines?

I am asked this a lot and perhaps a quick answer is this " Under your domain name or name it will be a fairly quick process unless of course your name is Smith ;) getting into the first page of Google under a keyword or group of keywords can be very difficult.  I believe that to do this you must use several Google products such as Blog Spot.  So if you do not have a blog get one and start writing :) Believe me, sometimes like my last post it is a stress reliever. OK that is one thing to try then of course as I have often said have the social media going. Google likes to spider Facebook and see what is going on there but as Google+ grows that will also be the place to be. If you need help with Google+ or Facebook business pages, I can help you there. You might go look at my Facebook page Rossini biz page. Or you can and should do a Google+ page like this Rossini Management Google+ page.  Have you ever thought of using Google Ad words? One of the fastest ways to be seen in a Google search is to pay a per click fee for a keyword campaign and this usually depending on what you wish to spend will get you viewed.  I have to tell you that be prepared to spend some money on a pay per click campaign it does cost.Google Adwords is actually fun and can be very beneficial to your business. You can target an area only to market to and that is neat. You can make up keyword campaigns only. There is so much you can do with this marketing tool.  How about looking at keywords to use they have a Keyword tool
lets try the word janitorial service and it came back with 100 potential keywords you can use in your web site or blog etc. I think you will like this product it really works.

The bottom line is it can be very difficult to get into the first page of Google but use a few of these tips and you might just get surprised.  Oh yes I recommend looking at who is in that first page and see why they are there. You will see a Facebook link, a Google+ link, a blog, a video, a newsletter and more.  I can help you with all of that just remember, unless you want to spend thousands of dollars a month, it takes time. Be patient and it will work.

Until next time

Joe R  

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sometimes you just cant win!

I will make this very general because I think it applies to a lot of web people and web marketeers out there and maybe it just applies to us all in a different way. Recently working with a customer we created a drop dead neat web site and then after it was up and working I began the process of marketing it. I submitted it to the search engines on a regular basis, I wrote a neat PR release, we made sure they had a very nice Facebook Fan page, I wrote multiple ads in on line newspaper's and Craig's list to push the business, I posted to all of my Friend son Facebook, Twitter and Linked in and more. In short I worked my ass off. The Facebook page got lots of likes and visits, the web page was recognized by his customer's and he got customers from it. But what often happens is that a customer just does not totally listen or participate such as doing facebook posts or adding to the content of the web site and more and ultimately even though it was working and growing they ran out of money and well that was that. Instead of just sayng I cant do this  at least for now, they slam you and make up something that hits you out of the blue and bottom line was and they finally admitted it, they did not have the money to continue. I ask why not have the intestinal fortitude to just to say that, I would not have gotten mad, I would have tried to find a way to keep going but no I was slammed. Oh well, what can I say, it happens.

I just apologized, gave tha person some options and well I go on to the next one. I have many  happy people but I guess the moral is, I can not please everyone no matter how hard I try.  You just have to keep going, growing and learning.

Just venting

Joe R
Entry on my blog about meetings:

Interesting info on biz meetings

Read this it is interesting:
25 million meetings take place every day in America
  • 52% have no agenda
    (wasting meeting time deciding what to meet about)
  • 90% have no record of attendance
    (attendees show up late or ignore meeting RSVPs)
  • 63% have no minutes
    (can't remember what was previously covered or decided)
  • 68% have no clear accomplishments
I think we have all been there :) I use a Franklin planner and try very hard to follow that everyday. Many now have calendars on their phones and that is great. One person said if you don't know where you are going how can you get there!

The same holds true for your web site and your social media identity and campaign. Everyday I try to get on and post something of interest. It is important to keep that pattern up and it will pay off.

More next time!

Joe R

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New blog entry about getting web visitors on your web site:

Getting web vistors

I have often been told if you rank in the top ten on Google you are set. I will not deny that ranking high is very good but I believe that just ranking alone is not enough. You must have a product that potential customers want and you must give them a reason to come into your web site. I say don't just rely on Google rankings, be proactive. What is proactive you ask? I say you use blogging to get people interested, you use Facebook and Twitter and Linkedin to get people to come look at just what you are offering. I like Linkedin and no this is not a commercial for them but I enjoy the posts and also posting myself. I have started to use Twitter more but it is an acquired taste to use to drive traffic and it is mostly to enjoy topics of interest posted by others. So what I say is use many potential bullets in your gun to get traffic and make sales.  Have you thought about a PR release? How about making sure you are in the top directories. Oh for those that do not know it, a directory or directories are places that even Google goes to find web sites so you should try to be there. Also keep your content on your web site as fresh as you can, I know sometimes you can not because you have to wait for a web person but there are now simple content management software available that will allow you to change your web site on your own. I have them and you are welcome to ask me about them. So let me summarize, to get more web visitors and turn them into customers :

  • Change your content often
  • Use social media vigorously
  • Make sure someone is submitting you to the main search engines and directories on a regular basis
  • some more be an expert!
Ok enough for now, more to come, I like to try to stay on the topic of finding leads from your web site because frankly it is the only way to go!

Well thats all for now, more to come have a great day!

Joe Rossini

Monday, February 6, 2012

New blog post on e-mail marketing on

What do you think about e-mail marketing?

Another way to reach potential customers is by using e-mail. The use of e-mail marketing has been around for sometime and with e-mail packages out there, the ability to alert your customers or potential customers of new and exciting things is sometimes only a key click away. Although I have not used e-mail marketing as much as I  I should, I think that if you have a large e-mail list of what I call opt in customers (Those that want to hear from you and let you send them e-mails), you should take advantage of this very important tool. You know recent statistics show that old line paper mail gets about 1 to 2% response while e-mail marketing usually can get 2 to 4%. It is much easier, faster and increases productivity to use e-mail marketing. There are several packages out there, one very popular one is Constant Contact but there are others. Research them and then use the one that seems the easiest for you. Try not to bombard your suspects, I believe maybe once a week and certainly not daily. Make your e-mail blast interesting so people will open it and read it.  Now they even have video e-mail packages and I may soon try one and give you a report back. Seeing is believing they say :)

More to come on this topic soon. 

Joe Rossini

New post on my blog about Linkedin:

Do you use Linkedin?

I have had many people ask me if I use Linkedin and does it help me in my business.  My answer is yes it does and I enjoy working it and yes I said working it. You must like every thing else put work into Linkedin, you must post and add groups and join in the discussions. Once you get active you will start to see opportunities for your business. Find groups that interest you, post and get feed back or give feed back. Ask for advice, soon people will start to ask to be a link to you and if you like what you see add them, Yes it all takes time but it is worth it in the end.

More later

Joe R

Thursday, February 2, 2012

New blog post about reporting and what it can do on

Reporting and finding out how the web site is doing is important

From the very beginning of my business seventeen plus years ago I gave our customers reporting statistics on how their web site was doing. What my reports would tell them is that were getting or not getting hits or visitations. It told them where they were going even the best time of day that potential customers came in. Now there are so much more powerful reporting packages that tell so much more. Would you like to know what part of the world the visits are coming from? How about how long they stay on your web site. Where did they first come in to the web site. Where did they go in the web site. What search engines sent the potential customer to your web site (usually it is Google). What are the trends, what is the history of the web site over the year or years which gives you an example if your marketing is working. Having a powerful reporting tool can assist you in many ways. below you can see who are new unique visitors to your web site and also below that is for the month where did they look? I can use that to see what people are interested in so I can update or push an area. So as you can see, reporting can be your best friend and now my reporting offers instant real time results! You put up a face book post I can tell you immediately how many are looking at it. If you have an interest, just give me a call at 913-244-6132 and I can help you.  Have a great day and until next time this is Joe Rossini

here are a few examples: