Friday, November 16, 2012

Let us share leads!

I know a lot of yu are in to network marketing or are part of a lead sharing group, I want to see if maybe some of you would like to share leads here? Here is my first try...
Give me a valid lead for someone looking for a web site or to update their web site or web marketing and I will give you a free submission to over 1 million search engines and directories and make you a  small mini ad on a local on line news source for you.
Send me your response to and please refer to my blog.

OK lets see what happens!

Talk later

Joe R

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Sales tips!

Sometime it is good to just share sales marketing tips. 

  • Do you capture e mail leads for later use or marketing?  You should, we can help you for a very small fee.
  • Do you have a blog? A blog can make you look like an expert and by your words prove it. People will come back to hear more and someday become a customer.
  • Have you made a Facebook fan business page yet? Facebook  is still very powerful with almost one billion customers, you should have one of these to tell the world who you are and what you do!
  • How about a Google+ business page?  Yes not as popular but frankly it is Google so you should have one.
  • Do you use Linkedin? I highly recommend you do.
  • Have you ever had a new product and wanted to push it out to the world? An on-line PR release can do this.
  • How about using and putting ads in some small on line publications that can be city specific.
  • Do you submit your web site to the main search engines on a regular basis? You should.
  • Do you change your content on a regular basis? The search engines love new content.
  • Have you thought about taking hold of your web site by having CMS content management programing capability. This is so neat and really gives you control
Well these are just a few things you can do and guess what, I can do them all for you.  Let me know if you want help or are thinking of being more proactive on the web. I can certainly help you.

Until next time

Joe Rossini

Friday, November 9, 2012

Tablets on the rise

A snippet about tablets as posted by CNET,

The cannibalization of PCs by tablets is not just a figment of your imagination, and can be substantiated by hard figures. Well, at least according to the numbers made public by Nvidia at a conference call with analysts. Nvidia is a chip maker that churns out GPUs, Graphics Processing Units, as well as mobile processors used in tablets and smartphones.
Nvidia Chief Executive Jen-Hsun Huang pointed to how 30 percent of Nvidia's revenues now come from non-PC chips, which is a huge increase from 3 percent just three years ago. Seen in that context, it would appear that the popularity of tablets is increasing at the expense of the PC.
Huang believes that consumers who have previously opted for cheap PCs will instead buy a tablet. "A great tablet is better than a cheap PC," says Huang. Of course, an alternative reason could be users are increasing adoption of tablets to complement their PCs.
Huang considers the release of Windows RT to be a monumental event for the PC industry. The company is making a renewed push into PCs with the release of Windows RT. As noted by CNET, Microsoft's Surface tablet uses its Tegra chip, as do Windows RT devices from Lenovo and Asus.

What Google likes

Two pieces of information that I just read that as I have been saying and saying is very important:

The things that haven't changed with Google are keywords and backlinks. Both of these are still important though Google is becoming more intuitive, so if you're searching for keywords you may also want to search on a variety of terms for one keyword. As an example, the term "mobile phone" is also cell phone, iPhone, Droid, etc. Google is using a much more human touch to searches and they know that users don't always pop the exact keywords into a Google search. They'll pop in the keywords they are accustomed to using. When you're creating your keyword list, it's not a bad idea to expand the list to include this user terminology.
Content, Content, Content
The next piece of this new SEO world is content. You hear it all the time -- in fact some may think that this piece of website optimization has been a bit belabored. We know that we need to create helpful, unique, insightful content but more often than not, we just don't know how. Or we create a few posts and think, "This is great!" then the idea well runs dry.
Let's face it, when you have to generate content it's often not an easy process. Additionally, we all have other things to do like run a business, write the next book, or just have a life. The payoff however, is huge. Consider this: you wouldn't want to share anything that wasn't helpful, right? Why would you expect your readers to be any different? So incentivize your readers by offering them content they can't wait to share. This will really help to beef up the backlinks to your website.

Keywords and research takes time and thought and great content just does not pop onto the screen.  We can help you in both areas!

Until next time!

Joe Rossini

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Do you want leads and sales and good rankings?

Do you want to get leads and sales?

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      • Local Business Listings "Push to the Top" Optimization
      And more how much you say? How about just $599/mo. with a one time set up fee of $500.00!

      You want leads? You want to be seen in the search engines?

      e-mail me a for more information about this program!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What the future holds in web site creation

Web creation is on the move again, it is changing again.  What do I mean about this? I mean that more new and exciting changes are on the way such as responsive design! What is responsive design you ask, well that is the new programming that will make a web site fit multiple platforms such as a laptop, a tablet and yes even that little droid phone.  Well about that Android, well the pages are kinda small but it does work!

Brenda my wife and programmer has been working with the new normal now on the web and it is not as easy as it seems.  There are or will be some limitations such as you might be limited to a point on the design and the look and feel. We expect the limitations to go away in the future but for now they are there.

What we do like is the total portability it gives a company, you can see them everywhere! More and more people are using tablets and thus creating for a tablet is important. Again size restrictions and some design restrictions are there but you can still make a really neat web site.

As far marketing, all the same internals apply so not much change there. You still need keywords, a good title, a great description, alt tags, an internal site map and more but that is for another blog. Marketing is still just that, do not forget to toot your horn.  Remember to use social media too, it is still very powerful. I favor LinkedIN for business but many do not, I am biased.

OK enough for now, have a great day.

Joe Rossini

Monday, November 5, 2012

I love this article!

I love this and boy have I seen it over the years and I bet you have too.

Visit this link: