Tuesday, April 28, 2015

New news on Googles response to responsive design

It seems that Google hasn't put much weight on it in the rankings yet. The mobile results haven't changed dramatically and for most websites, the effect seems to be small. Some websites saw dropped rankings for some of their keywords but not for all.
Of course, it might be too early to tell as Google said that rolling out the update would take several days.

A new mobile website can also cause problems:
  • for many websites, mobile traffic is worth less than desktop traffic
  • if you change an effective web page with high conversions and replace it with an untested mobile design, conversions might drop
  • the time that you invest in creating a mobile website cannot be invested in other marketing activities that might have a higher return-on-investment
As long as everything is okay with your website, it's probably better to wait and see.

More Google stuff:

"A little over a month ago, Google announced they revised their doorway algorithm and updated their guidelines around doorway pages. But watching the space for a month, all I see are webmasters asking if it really launched or if it was still in the queue to launch.

Google's John Mueller [...] did confirm that the doorway algorithm did launch."

OK let me look into this because many people do use doorway pages.

How about news on Adwords:

Spring is here, and it’s a great time to set your sights on creating new marketing goals and ensuring that your campaigns are set up for success. You now have access to new and improved reporting tools that will help you identify opportunities in your account, track the right metrics, and find deeper insights that might help you improve performance.

Read on to find out how you can put these tools to work in your campaigns this year.

  • Campaign details reports provide a faster, easier way to see which features and settings are enabled in each of your campaigns.
  • Custom Columns let you create and view segmented columns for the metrics you care about most in your account. 
  • Top Movers Report improvements help you identify significant performance changes in your campaigns and ad groups so you can take action to optimize your account. 

1. Check your settings and close easy gaps 

Understanding the status of your settings is an important part of ensuring that your campaigns are set up for success. Consider the impact, for example, if your campaigns were accidentally missing mobile bid modifiers? With the new campaign details report you can quickly see settings that aren’t being utilized and identify opportunities for improvement across your account or MCC.

With the new reports, you can:
  • Quickly find inconsistent settings that could be limiting performance
  • Identify settings that you aren’t yet utilizing
  • View details alongside your performance metrics to get a more comprehensive look at account performance
Let’s say you want to improve CTR across your text ads by adding sitelinks to all of your campaigns. Previously, you would have individually looked at the ad extensions tab for each campaign to check the status of your sitelinks. For a hundred campaigns, this task could take a couple hours to complete. Using the campaign details report, you can see all of the campaigns that currently have active or disapproved sitelinks in just a few minutes. Now, you can spend less time searching for your settings and more time activating opportunities that might improve performance.
Bottom lin eis keeping up with Google is a full time affair. Yu started a business to sell or market what yur passion is or was not to be an SEO Guru..Choose us.
More to come
A lot of info from Axandra

Sunday, April 26, 2015

My fun time

Ok nothing about business just posting that I have two deep cycle batteries tied to solar panels and a controller and have an inverter tied in and turned on a light which I will see how long it goes. I also intend to plug in 12 volt lights which will go alot longer.

Ok it is my hobby what can I say :)

Friday, April 24, 2015

A very good day

I put out three quotes today it was fun but intense. This has been a great week and we saw several great customers and spent time with them to go over updates and new projects. I had our social media guru post away to several of our accounts and am possibly adding another blog writer. We may soon be adding a part time web specialist also. My goal is to double our business without in anyway degrading our service and support. Our customers are our greatest resource and working with them to upgrade, to get them leads and keep them happy is a constant on going project that is and can be very rewarding.

This week I am going to work on our first two customer applications for Android and IPhone, it can be a very nice addition to your web site and a help to your customers. Applications can increase your sales and make you look very high tech.

Well enough for now, have a great weekend!


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What are your thoughts?

What would you like to see posted by me?  let me know and I will do more on those subjects.

Joe R

More on SEO and rankings in Google

Here are some additional tips from Axandra.......

          Choose your keywords carefully
Take some time to find the right keywords for your website. The most obvious keywords usually aren't the best keywords for SEO.
It is not important that your website is ranked for popular keyword that many people search for. It is important that your website is ranked for keywords that attract targeted visitors who will buy something on your website.

Think twice before you start

Many webmasters think that they already know the best keyword for their websites. If they haven't done some research, they are usually wrong. There are several reasons for that:
  • You know your business much better than anybody else. You know the special terms that are used in your branch and you know what you should search for when you're looking for products like yours.
  • Your customers don't know as much as you. They don't know your terminology and they might use totally different keywords. For example, people might search for the keyword "nose job" while your professional pride tells you that you should use the word "rhinoplasty." If you don't use the words that your customers use, your website won't be found.
  • Have you considered the intention of the searcher? Just because a keyword is used very often on search engines it doesn't mean that you'll get many customers. People who find your website through a special keyword might not be interested in purchasing.
It's very important that you take some time to find the best keywords for your website. The time and efforts that you invest in finding the right keywords will pay back in no time.

I think and tell my customers think what yur customers might search on not what you would. The above sentences are important because often times we are so focused on our own business, we know it all but forget that our customers are not so invested in your company but just want what they want when they want it!

Content, content, content...keep making changes, do not let your website sit idle, Google likes changes and so remember your website is a living document in a way and you need to keep updating it.

OK more to come soon. We can help you make your changes, we can do your social media, let us help you.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Is a PR release worth it?

I ask myself this because to do one from scratch can take a couple of hours. The distribution of a pr release on line depends on who or what platform you use but most get to the big boys, Google, Yahoo Bing and about a thousand newspapers, and radio stations all over. I believe that this medium of advertising still works and can on the whole get thousands of views to your title and hundreds of direct reads of the entire PR release. So if you have a new product, or a service or a new location, let me help you do a PR release. For anywhere from $100.00 to $300.00 per release, you can get that exposure you desire.

By the way, if you need social media blogging we can help you here also. We can write content for you and much more. Oh yes, if you are in KC, we now can do videos for you too.

Until next time


Tuesday, April 14, 2015

It is tough to say no....

Sometimes you get a deal that just does not pass the smell test and you want it because it is big and juicy but your gut..yes your gut says dont do it. I had one yesterday almost a $10,000 order and I turned it down, it just did not pass the Joe gut check. I was down for a bit but I never had it so what the heck on to the next one. Three more appointments this week and just going to be me and go out and sell.

Until next time.


Monday, April 13, 2015

Be careful with on line sales

With my years of experience I have seen many things but one thing that you should be careful of is the fraud that a comapny tries to buy your product on line and asks you to ship it, pays you with a fake credit card then moves on and takes your product or your money. It is still happenieng so be vigilant, make sure their card or check clears and only ship if you are sure.

More to come


Thursday, April 9, 2015

Should you have a business blog?

A business blog is an essential component of an inbound marketing campaign. The purpose of a business blog is to publish thought leadership content in order to be viewed as an expert and increase traffic to a website. Blog posts should answer the questions that target audience members may have and provide them with information that can help guide their purchase decisions. As important as a business blog is, many companies just don’t invest the time or resources necessary to create a robust business blogging presence. Like any other marketing tactic, business blogging requires a strategy. The strategy may evolve over time, but without a strategy in place from the get go the business blog will likely falter.
5 Questions to Consider When Developing a Business Blog Strategy
As a part of a business blog strategy, here are 5 important questions to consider:
Who “owns” the blog?
Obviously the company owns the blog, but this is meant in the sense of whose responsibility it is to determine what content the blog needs and schedule and publish blog content. Ideally, this person or team will develop a content calendar to keep things organized and ensure that blog work is being done. This needs to be a prominent part of a job description. If nobody “owns” the blog and it’s just one added duty on top of many others the blog will become an afterthought.
Who will write for the blog?
This may be the person or team who “owns” the blog, but it might not be. It’s recommended that prominent figures within the company publish blog posts on a regular basis. If they aren’t comfortable writing, they can always work with a ghostwriter. The next best thing is to include interviews of these prominent figures. It puts a face and a personality to a name which establishes trust.
What content is most likely to be shared?
Publishing blog posts to keep a website fresh and active and to generate long tail inbound traffic is important, but if you want to get the most out of your posts they should be “shareable” in order to gain natural inbound links and social signals. It’s a given that posts should be well-written, interesting, and free of spelling errors but what else generates a share? It’s important to keep in mind that people browsing the web are looking for quick information. Blog posts aren’t research papers. A post that is easy to scan and includes lists, bullet points, etc. is typically more likely to be read and shared.
Am I satisfied with the look/feel of the blog?
Don’t forget about the design element of your blog. Along with the quality of the content, this plays a role in how the blog, and the company, are viewed by target audience members. It’s worthwhile to invest in a blog design that is current and modern.
Should we guest post?
The priority always needs to be your own blog. If you’ve determined that you have some additional time to spend on content writing, guest posting can be advantageous as long as you seek out the right blogs where your target audience spends time. Include a nofollowed link back to your website in an author bio section to drive traffic back to your site.

Info compliments of Nick Stimoulis

I enjoy blogging it can be fun and an outlet and a challenge but i recommend you have one. If you need to start one give me a call or e mail me at jrossini@rossini.com

Rossini web creation wins again in another political site

Greg Musil won reelection to the Johnson County Community College Board of Trustees!  This was the fifth consecutive political website that we created that was linked to a winner! I have known Greg for a long time and I am so proud he won. I look for great things in the future for Greg.

More to come


Get ready to pay for YouTube.

Get ready to pay for YouTube.
Google-owned (GOOGL) video site will be offering a commercial-free paid subscription service, possibly later this year. Speculation is YouTube will charge about $10 a month for the no-ads plan.
This doesn’t surprise Yahoo Finance’s Aaron Task.
“Google is trying to come up with several different ways to generate revenue outside of their core advertising market, which is still a juggernaut,” he says. “But they’re losing a lot of ground to Facebook (FB) and others in the mobile area, so they’re trying to find different revenue streams.”
Task notes one key motivation for the move is to increase the money available to pay for incredibly popular YouTube stars.
“In large part, this is an effort to try to keep the creators of the content on YouTube that has been so successful-- the Michelle Phans of the world—happy,” he adds.

My customers use Vimeo because they did not want ads and they are paying to have that. As far as Joe Q public posts I believe they will stay free.  

I believe that video is still king and the  more you can have it on your website the better your website will be and rank.

More to come.


Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Google is still king

"Google is still by far the dominant player in search, and we estimate the company will see 15.7% search ad revenue growth this year, increasing to $44.46 billion worldwide.  That figure would account for 54.5% share in 2015."  I guess my question is is this going down to a point that sometime in the future they will fall to number 2?

I still highly recommend you advertise in Google and use their search capability.   I do see other services growing and coming into play in 2015 and beyond but for now they are still number 1!
More info:

"Google’s new mobile ranking algorithm that is going to be released on 21 April 2015 won’t affect searches that are made on tablet computers. It also won’t impact searches from regular desktop computers.
More to come.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Today is the day!

So what does that mean "Today is the day"? I believe that if you believe  you can achieve and if you plan to achieve and work toward it you will. Nothing is impossible if you are committed and have a plan just look at recent events in the NCAA Final Four, did anyone really think Kentucky would lose, not many. Anything is possible look at how we went to the moon in ten short years. If you are looking to build your business you can by various means one of which is to build a good web site that will bring you leads. How about updating your website and telling the world that you exist. Do you have a product that needs to be marketed?  The use of the web is a great way to push out a product cheaply. Use social media, use PR releases and more and you will see success. Visit www.marketyourbusinessnow.com and let us help you succeed!

More to come...

Joe Rossini

Sunday, April 5, 2015

How to get leads

Craigs list..the beast..the bad guy....I say if you do it right, you can write ads that actually will bring leads to you and some could be into the tens of thousands. Have I done this, the answer is definitely yes I have. It takes time and thought and yes some junk responses but it can work if done right.  For more information visit www.marketyourbusinessnow.com and let me drive sales leads to you!

More to come

Joe Rossini

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Change your content

Did you know that just a few simple content changes to your web site is a good thing. Consider your website as a living document, make changes and it will effect visitations and rankings.

How can I do it you ask?  Find a vendor that will upgrade your website to have that ability. We sell something we call simple CMS, easy to use, upload pictures, make text changes, bold text and more. Once the power is in your hands it can be addictive.

More to come.

Joe Rossini

Friday, April 3, 2015

Reporting for your website

Did you know that one of the biggest mistakes a website owner makes is to not look at the various reporting options that are available to see how the website is doing. At Market Your Business Now we use two methods both have their strengths and weaknesses. Our primary reporting is called Hitslink and I have used their reporting for years and they are reliable, give you a wealth of information such as visitors, where from, hours on site, on a page and more. This program costs a customer $15.00 per month and is well worth it. I give my customers who use it a flash report each week to let them know about their site.

Another option that is used a lot but is not as strong or as good is Google Analytics. Many companies use this because it is free. This program also ties into Google Adwords tracking so if you are doing Adwords, I recommend you use this program.

Finally, many hosting companies offer a basic reporting package to use and it is usually included in your base fee. At the very least, use this to get some idea where you are going and to determine what is working and what is not.

Remember the old saying "Knowledge is Power".

Until next time.

Joe Rossini

Google and mobile web sites

Google is going to make another move in April that could affect your rankings.
View this article for more info: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/elizabeth-oneill/google-is-ranking-for-mob_b_6887950.html?utm_hp_ref=technology&ir=Technology


If you are looking for leads from your website, consider visiting www.marketyourbusinessnow.com. Market Your Business Now is a web site that offers multiple packages to help you get leads from your web site. A website will only work if it is updated and if it is marketed. www.marketyourbusiness now gives a potential customer multiple packages to use and comes with a no strings attached offer. Try us for 90 days, see if we can help you, no contract is required.  Feel free to call me at 913-244-6132 and I will answer any questions you might have and I will give you a free check up to your current website and let  you know if you are ready for the new multi platformed responsive design rules going into effect later this month.

Joe Rossini


Did you know that one of the fastest growing trends on the net today are the use of applications for your phone. We at Market Your Business Now can create an app for as little as $750.00 and a monthly fee of $50.00 per month. The initial fee will include the posting fee to both IPhone and Android stores.

Touch base with me today at 913-244-6132.