Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Is Facebook good for your business?

I got to be honest, I use facebook a lot but what I have found is it is really just as it sounds a social network for people to just talk. yes companies are on Facebook but I really think bottom line is that you are better off with your own web page and using Twitter and Link In for your business. This is just my opinion but I do believe it.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Web searches are down!

This is part of a neat article I thought you would find interesting. If web searches are down then it is more important than ever to keep people coming back. It is important to do mailers and keep the site interesting.

Americans Searching 16% Less Than They Were a Year Ago
Nielsen Releases July Search Market Stats

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By Chris Crum
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Nielsen released its version of the U.S. search market rankings for July today. Google is of course on top with 3 out of 5 searches (64.2%). Yahoo came in second with 14.3%, leaving Microsoft in third at 13.6%.

Yahoo and Microsoft both gained in month-over-month share (2% and 4%, respectively). This is all good for Microsoft, as Bing has now completely overtaken Yahoo's organic results in the U.S. and Canada. We'll see our first glimpse of how this is working out next month.

"In terms of a Year-on-Year comparison there has been little change in Google's share but more significant movement amongst its closest competitors," says Nielsen. "MSN/Windows Live/Bing’s share has grown from 9.0% to 13.6% (a delta increase of 4.6% or a relative increase of 51%) while Yahoo!’s share has fallen from 17.1% to 14.3% (a delta drop of 2.8% or a relative drop of 17%). Consequently, over the last year Yahoo!’s delta lead over MSN/Windows Live/Bing has been reduced from 7.1% to only 0.7%."
Nielsen July Search Stats - People Searching less in general?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We now offer branding services

Rossini.com now offers full turn key marketing by offering a brochure, a web page and business cards starting as low as $5000.00! One look, one feel all from one vendor with over 16 years of experience.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rossini.com announces a new customer!

Rossini.com is proud to announce the release of our newest customer web site http://www.mulchkingdom.com/.

Mulch Kingdom is a family owned company that has developed and built its entire focus around customer service, integrity, professionalism, and providing quality services. Mulch Kingdoms goal is to assist you in improving landscapes and enhancing the beauty of Kansas City.

By servicing both residential and commercial clients, Mulch Kingdom can accommodate small and large scale projects. Mulch Kingdom consistently offers the most competitive pricing, on time delivery, and in the manner our clients ordered. Mulch Kingdom not only offers delivery, but also provides services to move the materials to the exact area needed, or complete installation solutions.

Please feel free to visit Mulch Kingdome at http://www.mulchkingdom.com/


I am proud to announce that our company will now be able to offer our customers a total branding package. We now have both Photoshop and Adobe InDesign 5 and can now create your brochures, your tri-folds and your web page and yes even your matching business cards. In essence, we can make and design one complete package for your company. Your brochure and your web page will look coordinated and all from one source...Rossini.com.