Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Press releases do work!

The web has a great resource and that is called an on-line press release. I have used this tool and I can tell you it works and works well. I write this because a company usually has something that they can do a new press release about such as a new web site, a new product, a new promotion or more. These PR releases are excellent for search engine rankings and yes it is good to get your company noticed by some major news organizations. The following came from a major web organization about press releases:

Back in the summer, a major study involving a firm that typically sees a boost in search engine rankings and a 50% spike in web traffic after they issue a release. In fact, for one release in particular, the firm saw a spike of 400% on two different Web sites, and the firm doesn't believe they were from the same users. They also incorporate social media tools like Twitter to extend the "shelf life" of press releases, and say that drives additional traffic.

Back to my thoughts, I believe that all major companies should also include a Twitter and Facebook account on their web sites. These social media tools can be linked to a press release to further increase your web penetration efforts.

Marty Weintraub, the President of aimClear shared some great tips and insight into the use of press releases for search. Among other things, he noted that when you do a press release, you're "hitching a ride" in the search engine results and news results. You can use outbound links in press releases, and perhaps more importantly, you're out there where the journalists are looking.

That last statement where teh journalists are looking is important! We at do on line press releases of various sizes and scope. If you have an interest, please give us a call or an e-mail and I will discuss the many ways we can help you and your company.

To all of you... A very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season!