Monday, February 28, 2011

here is an interestng article about moon trees..yes moon trees:
My hobby post..I love solar power and these chargers really work!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Good afternoon everyone! The shuttle is about to dock!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Joe has added a new blog post go take a look:

Gas prices are rising and so should your web usage!

Well in the last few days gas has spiked over twenty cents a gallon in Kansas City. I think everyone knows why gas is surging and that is unrest in the Middle East and Africa. Now for another known...Oil companies are greedy and will take what ever reason there is to raise the price of gas and oil. Oh by the way did you know summer will soon be here and what happens you ask? People drive more, take vacations and yes gas prices rise again. The point of my blog today is that the net, is the biggest, best way to save money and fight these rising prices.

Use the web to send e-mail, dah you say...well sending an e-mail instead of a letter saves on postage, letterhead, time and yes gas to go to the post office.

Use the web to send a proposal to a client by writing it then pdfing it then e-mailing to the client. Once again, you save time, postage, paper, gas, wear and tear on your vehicle and more.

How about putting a full brochure of your products on your web site so your potential customers can see what you have. You can use the phone, call the prospect, guide them to your web site and demo right on line!

Now is the time to use the web, use it to increase your bottom line profits by savings of multiple items. I can help you if you need it just give me a call!

Until next time........
Joe Rossini
Good morning from snowy slushy cold Miami County Kansas

Thursday, February 24, 2011

new post on Joe's blog about trying to fool Google:

It is not nice to fool Mr. Google!

This is an interesting article about trying to trick your way into the search engine rankings:

Here is a clip from the Wall Street Journal:

Google Inc. is penalizing Inc. in its search results after the retailer ran afoul of Google policies that prohibit companies from artificially boosting their ranking in the Internet giant's search engine.

Overstock's pages had recently ranked near the top of results for dozens of common searches, including "vacuum cleaners" and "laptop computers." But links to Overstock on Tuesday dropped to the fifth or sixth pages of Google results for many of those categories, greatly reducing the chances that a user would click on its links.

This big company should not have tried to fool Google but it tried and got spanked. Do not use link farms, do not try to spam the search engines. use legitimate approaches such as blogs, Face Book, Twitter and Linked in Posts and yes also use this great new site called I really like it and it is a nice change of pace from Facebook.

Bottom line, seek the advice of a professional and let them guide you. Oh by the way, I just happen to know a good one so just ask oh yea me again oh well ok I can help you.

Have a great day...until next time

Joe Rossini

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Joe posted a new blog about blogging

Do you need a blog?

Many people I talk to these days tell me why should I have a blog, I have facebook and twitter! Yes these social media giants are a must have today I will agree but a blog still carries a lot of weight. A blog can and often does make you look good in the eyes of the search engines. Many will even tell you like me that if you have a Blogger account, (a Google product) you might just get noticed a bit more by Google. If you do not mind getting on once a day or so and telling the world a story or two or share important information about an area that you know about then I say do it. If people start to find you and read you and start to depend on you for information or for just plain interesting tidbits then before long you will have a following and then comes potential profits and sales.

A blog can be fun, it can be a challenge but in the end it can be rewarding not only to others but to you too. So blog away and if you need help with setting up your own blog on your web site, just give me a call and I will help you.

More next time, until then have a great day!!!Joe Rossini
This is interesting:According to several online sources, both, search giant Google and social networking giant Facebook, are competing head to head to buy out Twitter.

With more than 175 million registered users worldwide, Twitter was the pioneer of the micro-blogging space.
Key word of the day is smile!
Good morning all!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

There is a new post on Joe's blog about search engines, go take a look

Is there more out there than Google?

Conventional wisdom will say there are only three (Google, Yahoo and Bing), but this is not true. Did you know that there are millions of other search engines out there! Millions of web savvy surfers use search engines with names such as Lycos, Dog Pile, Excite, GigsaBlast and much much more. I tell my customers that I submit to more than the big three because why lose out on those millions of others out there. Yes you need to be in the big three but it does not hurt to be in those others too. Oh yes, while you are at it, you need to be in the directories too. You are now asking what the bleep are directories? Well many of the big boys go to these directories to find you too. You should be in those directories also.

As you can see, it takes more than just submitting to Google to get noticed. I believe in a total attack plan to bring leads. It takes planning and strategy and time. If you give it that time, you can see results and of course sales and profits.

Until next time....

Joe Rossini
Joe Rossini posted a new entry in his blog about web linking.

Web links

Did you know that when you write or create a web site, you should have internal links that point to various pages on your web site. An example would be a solar power web site, the first page mentions solar panels, this word should be linked to the solar panel web page in your web site. The search engines like internal and external web links. Internal linking usually does not have as bad of an effect on your rankings as when you try to use linking farms that put thousands of robo links into your web site. Robo linking is now frowned upon so be careful. Internal linking is a good link and the big search engines do not penalize for this.

External inbound links to your web site are good if they are real and relate to what your web site is trying to say or sell. Some what we call in the business as landing pages can work if they are each different and have text that is unique and relates to your web site. Cross linking to your vendors is also a good inbound linking strategy.

More soon

Joe Rossini

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tip of the day!

I find that linked In is more business related than facebook or twitter. If you want to expand your business in a B to B manor, join Linked IN.

If you want to look like an expert and act like one start a blog and post to it regularly. Blogs are looked at by the search engines.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Kuecker Logistics Group will be exhibiting at the RILA Logistics 2011 show Feb.20-23
Gaylord Resort and Convention Center
Orlando, Florida USA booth # 727
If you go to shows and have a booth, can create an interactive demo slide show of your products for your booth! is pleased to announce the release of a new website for women N networking!

Borders goes chapter 11!

The post office is hurting, now the book stores are hurting and that is because the net is expanding. If you are looking at e-commerce for your business, can guide you!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ever think of showing your son or daughter how solar energy works? customer has solar kits that are inexpensive and are perfect for school demonstrations.

Thinking about a web video now offers web video creation for your site or for Youtube. It is not as expensive as you might think. Call us or e-mail me for a quote.

From a customer

Mike Langdon of Bilt Industries said this about a automated photo gallery made for an upcoming show:


ONE HELL OF A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Do you need content written for your web site or brochure?

If you need content written for your web site or brochure we now offer it at!

Joe Rossini on Linked In

If you are on Linked in add me! Just look for Joe Rossini. publishes new web site for

We are pleased to announce a new web site for Miami County Kansas Emergency Management.
The Miami County Emergency Management is a division of the Miami County Sheriff's office and reports to the County Administrator who then reports to the County Commissioners. The Emergency Management division works with Federal and State agencies, other County agencies, Local Cities and civic organizations to establish a unified response to any emergencies that occur in our County.

Please feel free to visit is pleased to announce the release of is pleased to announce the release of a new and updated web site for Plastecs solar company. Plastecs sells some of the best solar panels and solar cells on the market. Please feel free to visit their new web site at for more information about their products. releases new web site is pleased to announce the release of

A bit about Greg:

I am a 24-year resident of Johnson County and have been associated in some way with JCCC for most of those years. I have served on the Foundation Board of Directors, helped with scholarship fund raising, worked to coordinate planning and development between the college and the City of Overland Park, and for the last two years have served on the Executive Committee of the JCCC Foundation. I have also benefited personally from JCCC as my eldest daughter earned College Now credit at JCCC, my niece and nephew ran track and cross country at the college, and I have attended many fantastic events at Yardley Hall.

The importance of JCCC to this community has always been obvious to me. It allows our high school students to accelerate their college credits at a very reasonable cost, it prepares our graduates to move on to a four-year college, it trains and re-trains workers for our leading businesses, and it brings arts, culture and high quality sporting competitions to our doorsteps.

I am running for the Board of Trustees because I believe the future growth of Johnson County and the metropolitan area will depend on our commitment to high quality and highly valued post-secondary education. The jobs of tomorrow will be dependent upon a higher level of training, more technology, and more continuing education than in the past. JCCC has to play an important role in keeping our economic engine growing and going.

Please look through this site for more information about me, my family, the people who know me and my goals for Johnson County Community College. Then I hope you will consider supporting me - first with your vote, but also by sharing this information with your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. Make sure they know that an important election will occur on April 5, 2011.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Kuecker Logistics Group is looking for an application engineer

What qualifications are needed? (Depending on experience and qualifications will determine salary level)

  • BS/BA degree in Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or Electrical Engineering.
  • 2 to 5 years experience in distribution environment or designing material handling systems
  • Detailed oriented with superb time management
  • Communication skills – both verbal and written
  • Computer literacy – Auto-Cad, Visio, Simulation software, Excel, Word, database software
  • Able to perform data analysis, use of time standards,
  • Experience in designing & applying conveyor and sortation in a distribution environment.

Please contact: Jim Kuecker at 816-331-7070

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Things that affect the search engines

Things that affect the search engines: key words, anchor texts within the web page, color and sizes of images, frequency of text changes, content changes, who is and number of searches on your web site and much more, can help you!