Friday, May 20, 2016

EBAY and virtual reality store!

EBay taps mobile to introduce first-ever virtual reality department store

May 20, 2016
EBay's "shoptical" VR viewer
EBay’s “shoptical” VR viewer
EBay Australia is teaming up with retail brand Myer to bring a forward-thinking way of shopping to consumers in the form of a virtual reality department store, enabling consumers to use a special viewer to inspect products before completing their purchase via the eBay application.
EBay’s self-described virtual department store was designed to allow individuals to immerse themselves inside a Myer store without having to be in the physical location. Using the “shopticals,” or specially-designed VR viewers, shoppers can look at an item, lock eyes on information icons to receive more details about price and shipping and shift their gaze to the “Add to Basket” button to complete the ordering process.
“The eBay virtual department store could definitely encourage other major retailers to roll out their own elevated shopping experiences or at the very least, pay closer attention to all that visually-driven technologies can do for their brand and their consumers,” said Omaid Hiwaizi, president of global marketing at Blippar.
“The eBay application enables consumers to visually browse a range of products that are personalized to them in an experience that is innovative and immersive, which will be successful in attracting and engaging both new and existing consumers.”

The future is zooming in faster than we think.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Google again

Google's John Mueller announced on Twitter that the second version of Google's mobile-friendly algorithm update has been rolled out:
John Mueller tweet
If your website hasn't been optimized for mobile devices yet, it might be a good time to change this now.
What exactly has changed?
Some weeks ago, Google announced the following:
"We’ll start rolling out an update to mobile search results that increases the effect of the ranking signal to help our users find even more pages that are relevant and mobile-friendly.
If you've already made your site mobile-friendly, you will not be impacted by this update. If you need support with your mobile-friendly site, we recommend checking out the Mobile-Friendly Test and the Webmaster Mobile Guide, both of which provide guidance on how to improve your mobile site.
And remember, the intent of the search query is still a very strong signal — so even if a page with high quality content is not mobile-friendly, it could still rank well if it has great, relevant content."
According to Google's John Mueller, these changes are now fully rolled out. The change is supposed to rank mobile friendly pages better on mobile devices.
What do you have to do now?
Google's mobile-friendly ranking algorithm is a page-level ranking signal. It does not affect your complete website. If some pages of your websites haven't been optimized for mobile devices, they will not negatively affect the optimized pages on your site.
This algorithm update only affects searches from mobile devices. People who search from desktop computers won't see a change.
from you.

If you want I will test your site for free just e mail me at

I know I have said this before but this is very very important and we can help you now!

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Some times you just punt........

I have to say that it can be frustratiing working with customers who you know you can help and have but they just dont get it or wont listen. Today is a dreary day so I just said the heck with it today towards them. I will concentrate on those that value my help and know that it does work. I can bring leads, I can get people in the search engines but it takes time and it takes people to listen to what I have to say and do.  Oh well enough for now, it is a rainy day.


Info from Kim Kamando

Scans to watch for on Craigs list:

1. Hiring movers

You call around different moving companies and find one is more outrageously priced than the next. Not to mention those fuel charges! So where do you look for the best bargain? Nowadays the most optimal place is Craigslist.
Many of the ads you'll find are deceiving. They're posted by people who seem willing to devote their day to help you move for a fair price. But, in fact, scammers are using these ads to find just the right family to rip off all of their stuff.
That's what happened to one family in Douglas County, Georgia, but it's a warning for everyone. It started when they hired movers they saw on Craigslist.
The team consisted of two men and a U-Haul. The family had planned to follow the movers to their new home, but once they got to the freeway, the truck took off with all of their belongings inside.
Hours later, after arriving at their new house, there was still no sign of the movers. The family called the police. Here's the real kicker. Once police started investigating, they found the U-Haul abandoned and empty. These thieves managed to steal an entire family's belongings in a stolen truck.
Two days after the theft, a box was found on the side of the road that belonged to the family. It had very important documents inside, but the iPads and phones packed in that same box were gone. Nevertheless, the family was relieved to have that particular box back in their possession.
The estimated amount in losses is about $75,000. Police are still looking into the theft.
The lesson to be learned here? Sometimes it's worth the extra money to hire professionals or rent a U-Haul, gather some friends and move everything yourselves. You can make it worth their while and reward them with pizza and drinks afterwards.

Rental or home listings

In the market to buy or rent a place and feel Craigslist may produce the cheapest results? Careful. Sometimes if something sounds too good to be true, chances are it probably is. This can go both ways, someone searching for a place to live can be scammed, or someone who's a homeowner could be scammed and find out the hard way.
This happened to homeowner John Darr in New Albany, Indiana when shortly after listing his home for sale, he began noticing some suspicious activity. People were coming to his house and looking around the property. Some were even coming right up to his front porch, and peeking in through the windows.
He later realized what had happened. Scammers posted the details of his home as a rental opportunity on Craigslist. It was listed as a cozy three-bedroom, two-bathroom house for only $600 per month. And all the applicants had to do was send in their personal information, along with a security deposit.
However, Darr's home was not for rent. And, the listing to sell his home had been active for less than a week. He wasn't fully aware of what had happened until he received a strange message on Facebook.
"The message asked ... was I selling the house or was I renting the house? Because she had some concerns that somebody was running a scam with my name," Darr explained.
It was then that he became aware of the fraudulent post on Craigslist, which made several false claims. One of which was that the owners of the property were going to be leaving the country for three or four years on a mission trip. The scammer had even offered false contact information, and would correspond with interested applicants. Through this correspondence, the scammer was able to obtain personal information from the victims, and even make arrangements for money transfers.
This is scary not only for home owners, but also for people looking for a place to rent. If you're going to look for a place on Craigslist there are obvious signs to watch out for. If you find a property you're interested in, place the address into a Google search and see what results are generated. If the property pulls up on other sites listed for sale, then make note of that inconsistency. It's a red flag.
Another major clue is a rental property where you're unable to meet with the owner, or some type of property manager. If no one can meet you at the home for a tour, then there's probably something fishy

Remembber if it is too good to be true look about ten times and ask for backgound. Do your homework.  Please understand that Craigs list has great value and I use it just do not think everythng is true.

Ok more to come.


Friday, May 13, 2016

Mobilegetton 2 has arrived compliments of Google

Google is taking another strong look at mobile friendly websites. If you read this article it could give you more want to upgrade your web site now to a responsive design. We at can help you!

Google has fully rolled out the second version of the mobile-friendly update today. Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller announced it this morning on Twitter, saying, “The mobile changes mentioned here are now fully rolled out.”
Google gave us a heads-up in March that they are preparing to boost the mobile-friendly algorithm in May, and clearly, that has finished rolling out today.
This technically is supposed to “increase the effect of the [mobile-friendly] ranking signal.” As we reported in March, Google said if you are already mobile-friendly, you do not have to worry, because “you will not be impacted by this update.”
As a reminder, the Google mobile-friendly algorithm is a page-by-page signal, so it can take time for Google to assess each page, and that is why it took some time to roll out fully. So depending on how fast Google crawls and indexes all of the pages on your site, the impact can be slow to show up.
One webmaster asked if this is “mobilegeddon 2,” and John Mueller responded, “No, not really.”

You might see some ranking changes soon however!

I will keep you updated.

Joe Rossini

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The best keywords

Keywords can be a gateway to leads and visitation to your website and then possibly sales. There are several ways to find good keywords and here is one way :

Step one: Use multiple sources to get keyword suggestions

The first thing that a lot of folks do is they only use a single source. They go to AdWords for example, or maybe they'll go to Suggest. Or possibly they'll start with SEMrush, which has an awesome corpus and database, but it's sort of based on a single source. My strong suggestion is a lot of the sources have only one type of data in them and you want to combine them.
The five or six that I really like are, first off, AdWords is a great source. They're, generally speaking, commercially focused terms. AdWords knows that people want to buy those keywords for pay-per-click search, and so they try and include commercial terms that people are actually going to convert on. They hide a lot of stuff that frankly Google feels like is not going to get people the conversions they're looking for, because the problem is if you buy the wrong keywords, you don't blame yourself for poor keyword targeting, you blame Google for sending you bad traffic. So AdWords has hidden some of those things. They'll show them to you if you type them directly in, but not otherwise.
Suggest, you can go to Google Suggest and in fact, Google related searches — which are at the bottom of the search versus the top in the bar as you type — those both give variance and/or searches that people who search for this also performed.
Then you'll see there are a lot of tools out there. SEMrush is by far the most popular one — and, in my opinion, a really, really good one, too — for a keyword to rankings graph. Essentially what this is saying is, "Here are keywords that the pages that rank for the keyword you gave us also rank for," or same thing at the domain level. It's creating and mapping those things so that you can get broader terms than you ordinarily would have with just these other methods. That's pretty cool.
Another one that's very, very cool and very sophisticated, that some SEOs are doing, is topic modeling-based keywords. This is essentially saying, "Hey, show me terms and phrases that co-occur on lots of documents, high quality documents hopefully, with the term or phrase that I'm targeting." You can find those through tools like AlchemyAPI. It's a little challenging to use, but there you go.
Bunch of tools, SEMrush and AdWords. You can use Google Search for a bunch of these. Ubersuggest to get some of those suggestions. actually has a number of these inside it. SpyFu is similar to SEMrush. AlchemyAPI helps you with topic modeling.

Then — somewhat self-promotionally, and I apologize for that — but Keyword Explorer, which Moz just launched this week and which we're pretty excited about. I was actually the product architect for that. So I'm feeling quite excited and very proud of my team. Keyword Explorer, shamelessly, has all of these in there. I think our topic modeling is actually a little better than AlchemyAPI's. I think our keyword to rankings graph is almost as good, maybe in some cases better, maybe in some cases not as good as what SEMrush has. We also get suggestion-related, real time, and then we obviously have a big corpus that we've got from AdWords too.

I use adwords to find good keywords, I also look at competitive websites to see what they are using. I like to think what I would type in to find myself and get a good long tail keyword.  So much more to this and I will add more next blog.

Joe Rossini

Thursday, May 5, 2016

How long till I am # 1 in Google???

I love this article:

It’s Impossible to Put a Timeline on SEO Success

Written by Nick Stamoulis
Flat concept of Search Engine Optimization with magnifying glass vectorWhen a potential client is interested in getting started with an SEO campaign one of the first questions that they ask is, “how long will it take for this to work?” Unfortunately, it’s a question that’s nearly impossible to answer, especially since a successful SEO campaign looks different to different people. While many understand the nature of an SEO campaign and that you need to be realistic with expectations, others think that a successful SEO campaign means getting a number one ranking and pulling in an unlikely amount of traffic in a relatively short period of time.
The only thing that an SEO company can guarantee is that they will do quality work to improve your website visibility in the search engines and online in general over time. What’s also important to consider is that the website owner and SEO partner don’t hold all of the power. Implementing a white hat SEO campaign is a great start, but unfortunately there are factors to consider that are completely out of our control such as the following.


In order to see results with your SEO campaign, it is important to be consistent. Even if we have a clear idea of what our SEO campaign will look like, if we aren’t doing things like creating excellent content and making posts in social media on a regular basis, we won’t enjoy long term success. The more consistent our actions are, the more consistent our long term results will be.


Nearly every industry is competitive online and in the search engines today. Smart and savvy businesses have been working at SEO for years. If you are just now getting started, you have a lot to catch up on. The key to successful SEO is for SEO efforts to be ongoing. As long as your competitors are in the know and are executing white hat SEO tactics on a regular basis, it’s going to be hard to ever outrank them. In order to hold your own, you need to put forth an ongoing effort, as well.

Age of Site

An important factor that the search engines take into consideration when ranking websites is the age of the domain. Age conveys trust and if your website is relatively new there is no way that it has that trust established yet. A domain that is at least a few years old and has established trust will see that a new page ranks much quicker for specific keywords than it would have if it was attached to a new website. The only cure for this is time. As a new website, it’s important to implement SEO tactics but understand that it will take much longer to see any kind of return. However, if your website isn’t as aged as you would like, don’t worry. By working the SEO program on a regular basis, you’ll still be able to gain momentum.

Search Engine Unpredictability

Search engineWe are at the mercy of the search engines. Even if we do everything “right” in our SEO campaigns, we are still dependent on how the search engines perceive us. Unfortunately, even understanding what “right” is can be a challenge.  While Google has become more transparent with their algorithm updates and policies, we will never know all of the secrets. The search engines undergo hundreds of algorithm updates a year and there’s no way to guarantee when they will come back and index your content to be ranked. By implementing a white hat strategy, this can help minimize the search engine’s unpredictability.
The truth is that there is no way to know how quickly the SEO campaign will start to see results. In addition to the factors listed above, a lot depends on how well established the website is before the campaign begins. Just because there is no way to determine exactly when an SEO campaign will show results, doesn’t mean that it isn’t worth doing. Results will come eventually as long as you keep at it and understand that it takes time.

From me again, I love this article from this man and trust me as I have now gotten most of my customers in the first page of Google it has taken time, consistant working at it, Social media out the wazoo and updated websites.  I can help you but as the article has said it will take time.

Joe Rossini

It is good to have a local person for support!

Recently in fact wice i tried to get support for my phone and for my tablet and twice I was given to a support person half way around the world who I could hardly understand and could not understand me. I asked for an American was was told no can do so I hung up. The moral to my story is this, yes you can buy from a free site and yes you can buy from a company a long way away but I believe it is worth having a friendly vocie of a person you can understand and possibly even see! Ok I know I am being a bit predjudice but I feel that bBrenda and I offer a level of service that is above average, sometimes it can take a bit of time but we come through.  So when you look for a web company or an SEO specialist think of us:)

More late