Friday, May 16, 2008

Search and yee shall perhaps find!

One popular request I get all the time or at least I am asked is "Can I get in the first page of Google with the word like dog". You see Mr. prospect sells Bull Mastiff dogs and he wants to sell them on line. He comes to me and says that I have about $100.00 to spend can I get that ranking? Well if you search on Google for the word dog you have 67,700,000!!!! web pages yikessssssssssss. So the answer I say is your chances are better to be hit by a meteor than to get on the first page of Google with that word. Let me be clear, you can get there but you must be realistic that it takes time, it takes money, it takes patience, it takes some luck.

Now let us look at the key phrase Bull Mastiff and you now get 6,360,000. Ok we have cut down our chances a bit, it is a smaller meteor that will strike you now. Now let us search again on the phrase Kansas Bull Mastiff and we are down to 85,700! We just really made that rock heading toward you smaller so you might actually miss being hit!
Now even further down we go, let us look at Kansas Bull Mastiff for sale and you get sown to 52,000! I think you get the point, the lower that number goes, the better chance that your keyword phrase will make it to the first page or at least close.

At we specialize on finding those key words or phrases. Call me at 913-533-4098 and let me get you in the top ten!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Doorway information pages

As you might not know, it’s difficult, almost impossible, to get a single Web page ranked high under more than one or two keyword phrases. So what about all of the other 25 (or so) keyword phrases that are important to you? And what if you have keyword phrases that do well in one engine but not in others?

And, what if your main site uses tactics that will make it very difficult for you to get top rankings? What if it's in frames or has a Flash home page? Or, what if you're working with a client's site, and the client won't allow you to make any changes to the main site itself.

One solution is to create content-rich gateway information pages. These pages are NOT the "doorway" pages of the past -

At we can get you in the search engines but more importantly get you visitations! Just being in the search engines does not gaurentee visitations. We work with the necessary tools to build information pages that your prospects can find. Call us today to learn more!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Make your blog be your company news

Yes use your blog as a quick and easy way to share company news. A good blog would be a new product announcement. Another good blog would be the addition of a new staff member. How about a new updated web site? The point is, use yur blog for topics of interest to you and your customers!