Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A neat tip about SEO

From Brick marketing:

When it comes to implementing an SEO campaign, website owners have options. They can do it completely by themselves using free resources online, they can use SEO software, seek advice from a consultant, or outsource the work to an SEO company. What some don't understand is that in order to do SEO well, you have to make a monetary commitment to it. "What if I decide to do it on my own?" you ask. Well, then you are spending time. As they say, time is money. Nobody has unlimited time which means that the time dedicated to SEO is time spent away from something else and that is the cost that is associated. 

I totally agree with their assertions. My job is to be an SEO expert and a web marketeer. I spend most of my days doing just that! I do not try to be a dentist or a doctor or a vet, my job is to help them get noticed.  I ask that you give my company a try!

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Joe Rossini

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

When you ask a vendor how reliable is your service!

Just looking to see that over the last few days Yahoo one of the biggest mail services out there has been down. So when people ask me about our e-mail and our web service and how reliable we are, I tell them we are up 99.9999999% of the time and even the big boys go down like today at Yahoo mail!

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Joe R

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A bit about

Rossini Management Systems, Inc overview
Rossini Management Systems, inc is an eighteen year old web creation and marketing company. Our original intention in 1994 was to sell interactive media on a disk or CD’s. In 1995 we added the fast growing area of web page creation to our list of products and services that we offered. Soon we added our own Linux based servers and added hosting to our customers. It was a short step to add the new field of SEO and web based marketing that allowed our company to become a more full service vendor. If you bought from Rossini Management Systems, Inc, you bought from a company that could create your web site, make you a logo, build your brand, host your web site and then market your products to the world. This is who we are today, a turnkey vendor, and a one stop shop for you to have everything done if you wish it or just a piece.

We are more than just a web vendor! If you are looking at a new approach give us a call at 913-244-6132.

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Joe Rossini

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Never take a customer for granted, they might just throw you a curve ball!

Remember that the most precious commodity your business has is its customers! Try not to ignore them, visit them if you can but definitely touch base with them. Occasionally give them something as a gratitude for being a good customer.. We occasionally give a discount on a customers bill or I submit them to the search engines.  Remember to value them and work hard to keep them happy.

Have a great day!

Joe Rossini

New tip from Axandra about Google new search update!

Google is constantly tweaking its search engine criteria but you need not worry if you are trying to legitimately stay in the search engines, I can help you!

Google's Penguin updates target websites that use spam tactics to get high rankings on Google. Some of these tactics are cloaking, paid links, and automatically created links (forum profile links, blog comment spam, etc.)

If you use spam techniques to promote your website, chances are that your website rankings will drop with Google's next Penguin update. If you use any tools that uses words such as "secret trick", "exploit", "fully automated" or "auto-pilot" then it's likely that your rankings are at risk.

New tip from Manta about your web site

We haqve known this for a long time, the web sites that go down and down the page are usually left, yu need to show your important info first!

Stay Above the Fold

Visitors to your website shouldn’t need to scroll to find the information they need. To get the best results, keep your call to action above the fold of your webpages. This helps visitors find what they are looking for quickly and encourages them to take the action you desire.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The time is now!

Do you want to increase your business profitability?Do you want more leads for your sales staff? Do you want a better image for your business?  You can do all of this by upgrading that old and tired web site. You can rank higher in the search engines. You can collect e-mail names and use them for targeted marketing. If you sell products that can be shipped out reasonably then you might want an e-commerce shopping cart. Do you have a new product that needs to be marketed, did you know you can do an on-line PR release to millions of people!

My company has been creating web sites for over eighteen years, we know marketing and branding. Choose our company to do a web site overhaul this month and we will give you your choice of a 20% discount on the total price, or a month of extreme marketing for the new web site or free simple hosting for three months!  Call me today at 913-244-6132 or e-mail me at or

I can bring you leads!!!!!!!

Save money on your electric bill

One of my customers sells a product that can potentially save you 10 to 30% on your monthly electric bill. Here is a testimonial:
This is the best part of the story... For years I have averaged around 1300 KWH every month give or take a few.  I just averaged my last three bills, and guess what? I changed nothing but the installation of your unit, and the new average is 825 KWH !   You do the math! I cannot stop smiling! I love you guys.  Seriously! Thank you doesn't seem like enough! But, Thank you!" -   Tom Farmer, Upstate CNC Service, Inc.

If you are interested message me I will get you in touch with the product.!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Services Google has recently closed!

Here is our running list of products that Google closed over the last few months:
Google Bookmarks Lists, Google Friend Connect, iGoogle, Google Video, Google Symbian Search App, Google Talk Chatback, Google Mini, Google Gears, Google Search Timeline, Google Wave, Knol, Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal (RE

Friday, August 3, 2012

Show the value of your service and product

This a very neat article from Salesforce solutions and it has a lot of merrit.

"Everybody Buys On The Internet!" And Why is That Again?

In today's environment, salespeople must earn their place in the customer's buying process.
I was interviewing a salesperson recently who was looking to change industries.  When I asked her why, she said, “Oh, because everybody buys their stuff on the Internet nowadays, there’s really no use for salespeople in this industry anymore.”  Well, there are a couple of problems with this.  First of all, I have clients in her industry.  They have successful salespeople that work for them.
The second problem is that, when I asked her what she had done to combat the Internet, I was greeted with a blank stare.  “Oh, you know, uh, price…”  That’s the sign of a weak salesperson.  Interview over.  What I find is that salespeople complain and whine about price and the Internet without considering the most important aspect in the customer’s mind – a positive buying experience!  A new hobby of mine (or maybe a new twist on an old hobby) perfectly illustrates this.
I’ve just gotten into motorcycles.  Some of you who have read this space for years know that I’ve restored and customized cars for years, but bikes are new to me.  Between me and my wife, we own a grand total of four vintage Honda bikes (it wasn’t planned that way, just sort of worked out that way).  All of them need parts and work.  And wonder of wonders, there is a Honda dealership near my house.  When I say “near my house,” I mean that it’s closer than my closest grocery store.  3 minutes in the car and I’m there.
Not long after buying my first Honda (my wife already had two), I walked in to check the place out, drool a bit over the new bikes, and maybe find a resource for parts.  After walking around the showroom a few minutes, a salesperson came up and said hello.  He asked me if he could help me, and I told him that my wife and I owned three vintage Hondas, they all needed some restoration work, and I was also just wanting to look at the new bikes while I was there.  His response went something like, “Wow, those are old bikes (note – the model years are between ’75 and ’82 – it’s not like they run on wood wheels or anything)!  We don’t really do much with those old bikes, sorry we probably won’t be able to help you.”  And then he walked away.
Now, I’ve told this guy, who sells for a Honda dealership, that I’m a new rider and I already own THREE products made by his company.  Do you think that maybe, just maybe, I might be a prospect for a new Honda down the road (or Yamaha or Kawasaki, which they also sell)?  Or that even if his people couldn’t sell me parts, that I might be able to buy gear there like helmets, saddlebags, etc.?  I turned and walked out…quickly.  That might have been the end of my local dealer experience, except that my wife wanted to check out some other dealers.  So, we visited some others.  At one, which is the exact farthest from us in the Metro area, we had a great experience.
When we walked in, the salesperson greeted us and we told him the same story.  His response was, “Wow – those are some great old bikes!  Before you leave, make sure you meet Jay in the parts department.  He’s kind of our classic Honda expert, and if we don’t have what you need, he can probably find it for you.  Meanwhile, if you want to see the new lines, I can show you what they’re making now in case you ever want to step up to a new one.”  Result – we spent half an hour in the showroom talking with Mike, and between the two of us we spent around $500 with Jay in the parts department before we left.  And we’ve spent more since then.  I drive past three other dealers to get to this dealer to buy parts, and I’ve done so several times.
The point is that the second dealer treated us with respect, with consideration, applied expertise, and created a positive buying experience for us.  That positive buying experience means that I’ll check with Jay before I buy parts on the Internet, and you can bet that if I do step up to a new or newer bike, I’ll shop there.  They made a CUSTOMER, and formed a RELATIONSHIP.
When you’re competing against the Internet (or anyone else for that matter), you must ADD VALUE to the experience for the customer – if buying off a web page is as easy, convenient and pleasant as buying from you (or perhaps more so), then they’ll buy off the web.  So before you complain about “Internet buyers,” ask yourself – or better yet, your customers – what the buying experience is really like.  In the current time, salespeople must EARN their place in the supply chain.  It’s not just given to us anymore.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A big reason to have a great web title

From Huffington Post but neat information about your web site and what it should have!

Your website's headline
Although past studies confirmed that new website visitors spend an average of seven seconds on a new website before deciding whether to engage further with the site's content or click the "Back" button, I believe this initial window has become even shorter.
As audience's become increasingly tech-savvy, they tend to know what they want and whether or not they're seeing it at first glance. For this reason, I believe a more accurate estimate falls in the range of two to four seconds.
Since you don't have much time to engage new visitors, your website's headline -- the first, most prominent piece of text these readers will see -- has to be as effective as possible. And while you can model your chosen headline off of formulas that have been proven to work in the past, an even better approach to making this content work effectively is to split test multiple options until you have a conclusive winner.

More to come from Joe!

Goodbye Hotmail?

It appears Microsoft is planning on phasing out rather quickly Hot Mail. A new version will be released and most if not all support will go to it. The move is to compete head on with Google G-Mail. I personally never liked Hot mail and thought it to be unprofessional to use for an e-mail address. I favor G-Mail it seems to work and is easy to use. Many of my customers have us point all mail to their Google account so they can get their mail anywhere at anytime.

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