Friday, August 26, 2016

Did you know thaqt a blog can help you:

Blogging is an art and does take time. People that are devoted to it can make money and bring in leads. Just look at Randy Rundle of 

Randy has two blogs and he post to them regularly and it works, these are not canned blogs but actual experiences and thus people like it and read them,  If you want a blog let me know, I can make one for you. Look at Randys blog it does cost $1000.00 one time but it looks like a web page and is responsive. Blogs do work!

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PS a simple blog like mine does not cost that much to do:)

How do you get leads?

A big question for any manager is how can we get leads? I know I have gotten leads several ways such as I make telephone calls (this is the cheap and effective way).  How about making cold calls? I was visiting one of my new customers and in the area there were a bunch of small business just waiting to be called on so I did and I got a very good prospect. The lost art of one on one sales is still good. The prospective customer looked at me and said people do not come her any more and it is refreshing. How about Facebook? I say if you have the right type of business that is a good fit for Facebook the answer is yes it can be powerful. Do not forget Linked IN, it too can be powerful. I think LinkedIn is more for business. How about blogging, I say it works if people find you. Tell people about your specialty and see your leads grow! Become an expert.

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

How to get rankings and sales

I am often asked how can I be in the first page of Google? I am also asked how can I get my webpage to work for me? I answer that you need to be active with your website, it is a living document. You should constantly update such as a blog or company news. By showing interest in your website others will too. I have a customer Fifth Avenue Internet Garage he makes parts for older cars. He has two blogs that he constantly post to and the result he is our much visited customer. He is active and thus his customers flock to his web site and he is making a ton of sales. It is like an elixir, the more he blogs, the more money comes in!  This of course does not always work but in my long experience it does and if it comes from the heart, your experience, your thoughts it works even better.

So I ask you to post and be active or if you are a support customer let me know or e mail me a story and I will blog for you! My company offers several levels of support just look at and see our support that we can offer.

A new change for our company in September and that is we will be offering a total we do all package for a web site starting at $2000.00. We will visit you if we can or talk to you on line or on skype and we will collect information to be on your website. We will get any pictures you may have in jpg format to use on the site. We will show you different ideas for a web desgn and then we will create the page for you. The text will be done (you approve or add to it) all the internal SEO will be done and then we sign off and publish. This process will streamline the creation timeline and get you your web site faster and to your specs.

Check your website to Google specs....... 

Let me check  your website to see how Google likes it and give you suggestions as to make it better!  This service is free!

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Joe Rossini

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Have you heard of web leasing?

Lately there has been an interesting term out there called web rental. Yes I said web rental. I wonder who would want to rent a web site and then if they dont pay for it, they get ejected just like in an apartment! So you spend time and effort and yes money and then something happens and good bye rental! I have another, better alternative and that is called a web lease to own option! Our options start sat a very affordable 6 month rate of $100.00/month and at the end you pay a final fee to actually own the web site of another month or $100.00 and it is all yours! For $100.00 you get a six page web site with up to 10 pictures that you provide and three to five menu selections. You will get a contact us form also. For $10.00 more  a month you get e-mail. For another $25.00 a month we will host it for you! For $15.00 a month you get your own domain name!  So your starting out of pocket cost is $150.00 per month! If you have an interest please contact me at

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Joe Rossini

Thursday, August 4, 2016

What you need to do on your website

There are many things to look at if you have an older web site to look at:

  • If you have not upgraded to responsive design you should right away! Google likes this;
  • You need to look at and upgrade yur internal keywords to those more looked at and searched on
  • You need the internal titles and descriptions looked at and potentially upgraded
  • Are you using social media like Facebook  if not do so if only a little bit 
  • Do you have a blog? If you do not make one and use it like a newsletter, your customers will like it
  • Have you thought about using Facebook to really reach new potential customers? Do it, it works
OK just a few hints and tips, I can help you and have brought hundreds of leads and sales to my customers! I can bring leads to you.

Joe Rossini