Saturday, July 21, 2012

Focus and have a goal

Recently I had some time to reflect as to the direction of my company and decided things might change a bit. As the owner of a company now for 18 years you sometimes forget the things that made you successful in the beginning and before. One thing I always hated was to have a quota put on me, it was always out of my reach and unattainable it seemed but you had to try. Yes we were all judged not by our effort but by our quota and how we made it or did not. That darn quota, I hated it, but I must admit, it drove me everyday relentlessly there over my head like the sword of Damocles. I planned, schemed, I worked hard, called my old customers, saw old customers in my territory who had not been seen for years and then I did even more. I made cold calls and telephone calls and if I went somewhere I planned a big circle area around where I was going and set up appointments and also cold calls all to be more efficient. The bottom line is I sold millions of dollars of equipment and was successful. )OK I was successful most of the times :) No one is perfect! Well I decided to put a quota on myself again and to make those telephone calls and appointments again along with all my skills as a social media/web marketeer and what have I found???? It works, I have made four sales in a week and a half and of course the best part added four new customers!

The moral is, focus and have a goal and a target no matter how you achieve it, old ways new ways both you can not hit or arrive at a destination if you do not know where that destination is!!! 

I have to say I am having fun, it is a blast to work  hard and achieve and attack  attack attack to arrive at that quota. If you want some advise just write me I will try to help and wont charge you a penny. If I do not answer you immediately be patient I will.

Until next time

Joe Rossini

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Do old fashion tele calls still work along side new media?

I often wonder do people still make cold call telephone calls? Yes today we have so many ways to reach a suspect Facebook, twitter, e-mail, and more but can you do old time marketing and bundle them with the new social order? I say yes, I make telephone calls everyday, I get two or three suspects everyday then I e-mail them information, then I follow up in a few days with another e-mail, and finally a telephone call again.
Yes it takes time and yes it is hard and you must be disciplined but you can also database them and send them out constant contact  e-mail news to keep them fresh. So the answer is yes you can do old time marketing with new media!

If you need help getting clients, give me a call I can help you!

Until next time...

Joe Rossini

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Great article on how the big companies use social media

This is a neat article on how the big companies are using social media more and more. 

Social media in the big time

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Be proud of what you do!

Often times we tend to beat ourselves up and downplay what we have to offer..dont!!! You are who you are and your capabilities are your own, be proud of them and tell the world you are proud of who you are and what you do.

Joe Rossini

Back up your data

A neat tip from Manta: Check Your Backup
Once your data backup is in place, make a point to periodically check it. Every few months, put a reminder on your calendar to practice restoring your data. This will give you peace of mind and confidence that you can restore your data if necessary.