Monday, November 23, 2009

Not all laptops are the same!

From Yahoo news:

1 in 3 laptops die in first three years

So your new laptop computer died in inside of a year. "I'll never buy a computer from [insert manufacturer name here] again!" I've heard the protests time and time again.

Yeah, maybe you got a lemon, but no matter which brand you bought, you truly are not alone in this situation: An analysis of 30,000 new laptops from SquareTrade, which provides aftermarket warranty coverage for electronics products, has found that in the first three years of ownership, nearly a third of laptops (31 percent) will fail.

That's actually better than I would have expected based on my experience and observations on how people treat their equipment.

SquareTrade has more detailed information (the full PDF of the company's study is available here) on the research on its website. But here are some highlights about how, why, and which laptops fail:

> 20.4 percent of failures are due to hardware malfunctions. 10.6 percent are due to drops, spills, or other accidental damage.

> Netbooks have a roughly 20 percent higher failure rate due to hardware malfunctions than standard laptops. The more you pay for your laptop, the less likely it is to fail in general (maybe because you're more careful with it?).

> The most reliable companies? A shocker: Toshiba and Asus, both with below a 16 percent failure rate due to hardware malfunction.

> The least reliable brands? Acer, Gateway, and HP. HP's hardware malfunction rate, the worst in SquareTrade's analysis, is a whopping 25.6 percent.

None of the numbers are overly surprising. As SquareTrade notes, "the typical laptop endures more use and abuse than nearly any other consumer electronic device (with the possible exception of cell phones)," so failures are really inevitable.

Want to keep your notebook running for longer than a few years? Ensure your laptop is as drop-proofed as possible (use a padded bag or case, route cords so they won't be tripped on, lock children in another room), and protect it as best you can from heat and dust.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Keywords are important

Keyword Effectiveness -
Observing Big Differences In Little Keywords

John Alexander

There are all kinds of keywords being used by people daily, in their search for information. Most professional search engine marketers learn early in their career, that all keywords are not the same. Some keywords are highly competitive while others are less competitive, which often seems as though fewer people are searching for them. But then there are some keywords that are really hardly being searched for at all. Some of the most ideal phrases are those that relate to a product or service but are being fairly often used by a specific audience of searchers, but at the same time have low competition.

Let's put it another way. Phrases which have a low number of competing pages, but also are phrases that are actually being used often by searchers, represent a nice "window of opportunity." The reason these keywords are appealing is because you can gain significant advantage (with little or no competition) while only performing mild optimization.

Result: High visibility on major search engines without the stress of competing with millions of pages.

Of course you can go after more competitive phrases once you know how, but the point is that you have to work a little harder if you are competing with 40,000,000 pages as opposed to say 400 pages or maybe just 40 pages.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holiday gifts

Need a holiday gift for a fisherman/fisherwoman? I have one that is under $11.00


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More to come...........

Google and paid links

The short answer here:

What does Google think about paid links?

Google is very clear about paid links. They don't like them. Google even has an official form that enables webmasters to report paid links to Google:

This was from Axandra.

A new tidbit

I got this from an article in Axandra and it does owk it just takes time!

If you target long keyword phrases with little competition, then the relative value of on-page web page optimization is very high.

For example, if you want to be listed for the search term "buy black adidas samba sneaker in knoxville" then it is enough to optimize one of your web pages for that search term because the competition for that search term is not high. You don't need many inbound links to get high rankings for that keyphrase.

The more competitive the targeted keyword is, the higher is the effect of inbound links on the position of your website in the search results

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Content management CMS

CMS is gaining speed fast and we here at offer it. CMS allows you the end user to have tremendous control over your web site. You can now add pictures, add or change content, add video, add calendars and on and on. If you ever wanted to break free of your web me at 913-533-4098 and I will tell you how!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Never burn bridges

I got a call from a person today and they were from a company that use to be a customer. The last date was 2003. They called today and needed help. I think we can help them and maybe just maybe we will have the privilege of having them back again.

Friday, November 6, 2009

16 years and running

Been in this business sixteen plus years and it is so funny, just like cloths and fads things come back around. Now the old B to B internet mall is coming back. Multiple small companies on one domain all selling to each other and to other companies. More info to come.

Is blogging good?

This is a small article as to why blogging is good!

• Enable easy, natural process to
consistently update content on your
site, achieve more frequent search
engine crawls, and improve
• Develop an audience of email and
RSS subscribers
• Attract more inbound links (“link
• Write keyword rich content to
attract more high conversion rate

I try to blog every day, try to make good content, try to make yourself the expert!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

RMS pleased to announce a new product! announces the Rossini content management system. This new program allows for a customer to take control of their web page and make changes on their own. This is the future of web page creation. We make the shell and maybe even the original web site and then you take it from there. The process is fairly simple but does require a little training. Once trained you can do minor/mid level changes to your web site. Should you have an interest call me and I will give you some examples.

Upload your own pdf files
make changes to the content of a web page
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and much more

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Monday, November 2, 2009

RMS adds a new customer is pleased to announce the release of a new customer at If you are into fishing especially cat fishing this is an excellent present for the holidays.

RMS adds a new customer is pleased to announce a new web site. Please visit Keiths Services offers heating and cooling services in the greater Kansas City area.

A new tidbit for SEO

Another reason to update your pages regularly!

PPC Landing Page Optimization
Keyword choices, your advert text or your targeting techniques aren't always to blame for a poorly performing PPC campaign. According to Search Marketing Standard, you could be losing conversion after conversion because your landing page just isn't up to snuff.