Thursday, March 31, 2016

Kuecker Logistics Group goes to MODEX 2016

Kuecker Logistics will be exhibiting at MODEX 2016, April 4-7, at the Georgia World Congress Center, Building B 285 Andrew Young International Blvd, NW, Atlanta, GA 30313.

The Expo

MODEX 2016 will provide attendees access to the latest manufacturing and supply chain equipment and technologies. MODEX 2016 will be held April 4-7, 2016 in the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA. You can register to attend at no cost by completing a brief online form.


Over 800 exhibitors from industry, commerce and government will display their supply chain solutions and innovations on the 250,000 square foot show floor.

Supply Chain Conference

The MODEX Supply Chain Conference brings together leading experts from the industry to give you the latest information on manufacturing and supply chain trends, technologies and innovations. The conference also includes valuable opportunities to network with your peers.
  • Show floor seminars that complement the solutions you see on the exhibit floor
  • Keynotes on leading supply chain topics
  • Collocated educational sessions from premier authorities in manufacturing and the supply chain industry
  • Social opportunities for networking with solution providers and other industry professionals


If you are involved in manufacturing and the supply chain you will benefit from meeting with other professionals in your field on the show floor and in education and networking events. Attendees include:
  • C-level and VP-level manufacturing, distribution, logistics and supply chain executives
  • Manufacturing and production managers
  • Industrial, plant and manufacturing engineers
  • IT, logistics and supply chain directors
  • Third-party logistics professionals
  • Distribution center and warehousing managers
  • Procurement professionals

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How to get the deal using SEO

Website promotion is often a "the winner takes it all" game. That means that the best website will get the deal and all other websites will get nothing, no matter how good they are.
Suppose someone wants to buy a new smartphone. The person searches Google, takes a look at the first results page and then decides to buy something on one of the sites. That means that one site gets the sale and the other sites get nothing.
You vs Competition
The above has an important implication: you just have to be slightly better than your competitors to get many more sales. If you make the change from being one of the discarded sites to the site that is chosen by the searcher then your sales will increase dramatically. You'll make the change from getting nothing to getting everything.
Your website has to survive three rounds in the fight for the customer:

Round 1

Round 1 - Fight
Choose the right keywords
Being better than your competitors starts with choosing the right keywords. If you target keywords that aren't used by the people who want to buy then you might get a lot of visitors but no sales.
Your web pages should be optimized for keywords that attract people who are looking for the products and services that you sell on your website and who are ready to buy.

Round 2

Of course, it is important to target the right keywords. However, your website must also be found on the first results page of Google, Yahoo and Bing to attract customers.
Most people only take a look at the first results page. If your website cannot be found there then potential customers won't find your website.

Round 3

Round 3 - Fight
Create a convincing website
It's not enough to be listed on the first search engine result page. Your website must also be convincing. It should give the customer what he is looking for, it should have a professional design and it should make it as easy as possible to buy.
That is why it is so important to work on improving the conversion rate of your web pages. By improving your conversion rate, you can generate more money "out of thin air" from your existing rankings.
A trustworthy and professional website with a good conversion rate also has positive side-effects. Your customers probably will stay longer with your company and people are more likely to link to your website.

You win
It takes some time to optimize your web pages, but it is worth the effort. Even small changes can have a huge impact on the number of sales that you get. Make the change from being one of the discarded sites to the site that gets the sale and your sales will go through the roof.
Remember that your competitors are also working on their websites. Even if you are better than your competitors you have to continue with the optimization to stay ahead.

This is from Axandra and is good info!! If you want help call me or e mail me at or visit to learn more!

Until next time!

Joe Rossini

Try your own free website and have a ball!!!!!

OK I did something unusual for me I actually went and found a free web site package that was rated the best (I will not name it) and I found one thing off the bat...easy and quick it is not!!! Free it really is not, you have to pay for certain things. I could not really find the right graphics to use that I liked and frankly it was tougher than I thought.  I guess it would work and if I wanted to spend the time to make one it might look ok but that is not my job so want a professional web site and professional marketing go with a company that does it for a living. Free is what you get, not very great and you get hooked into the company clutches and well I guess if  you were totally on a shoe string, I would understand but try to get complex and add some sophisticated things and well the horn sounds and the answer is (you are stuck)!

More to come soon.


Monday, March 28, 2016

Are keywords still relevant?

The answer to the above I believe is yes but I used MOZ blog to give me more incite into this often asked question should I still need keywords for Google.  First let me state that Google is not the only place to search there is still Yahoo search and Bing and others. I believe in keywords but not in short generic ones. a keyword like ship is too generic but battleship Missouri will bring you to results about that magnificent ship. Here is some additional info on keywords today:
More info.......

So should or shouldn't we ignore Rand when he tells us to forget about keywords and focus on topics? Somewhat unsatisfying, the answer is a strong "maybe."
While for some search topics there's a lot of variation based on the exact wording of the keywords, for others we can see that Google understands what users mean when they search and sees variations as equivalent. The key takeaway from this? Both keywords and topics are important.
You should still do keyword research. Keyword research is always going to be essential. But you should also consider the bigger picture, and as more tools that allow you to use natural language processing become available, take advantage of that to understand the overall topics you should write about, too.

Bottom line is Google is changing a bit but keywords are still relevant but so is great content with keywords:)

Another tidbit from Google and something to really look at and that is Google adwords...

Talk about change now if you look for those little ads on the right side of yur searches you will notice that they are gone! Google in bringing their search results up with responsive design and with the mobile push now lines up all results on the top and on the bottom of the organic search! Well what this may mean is and it is happening is that the big boys can more and more buy their way in where as before even with a modest investment you might have been seen on the right side. This may not be true anymore!   Here is some more  information:

What They're Saying About The Loss of Google Right-Side Ads

By: Chris Crum | Staff Writer

You're probably aware that Google recently stopped showing the normal text AdWords ads on the right-side of search results pages on the desktop, which brings the design more in line with its mobile results.
Google does continue to show Product Listing Ads (PLAs) and Knowledge Panel ads in this area, but otherwise, this part of the page is now ad-less.
Google is showing more ads in line with search results. It has ads at the bottom of results, the 3 standard ads at the top, and in some cases a fourth ad above the organic results. This is for a "very small percentage of highly commercial relevant queries" according to Google.

You might say that's a lot of ads "above the fold" in relation to non-ad content (something Google has historically frowned upon when it comes to other websites).
Regarding the fourth ad, the company was quoted as saying, "We've been testing this layout for a long time, so some people might see it on a very small number of commercial queries. We'll continue to make tweaks, but this is designed for highly commercial queries where the layout is able to provide more relevant results for people searching and better performance for advertisers."

A long time ago people were saying that the web was an equalizer where the little guy can compete with the big boys but I am afraid those days at oeast with Google Adwords are gone.  Be prepared to spend alot if you want to use adwords! I believe in a total approach and have not relied on adwords for my results. Maybe we look at other search engines for answers.

Hope this helps

Joe Rossini

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

More good info about what Google likes

 You need trustworthy website
A trustworthy website has easy to find contact information. Dubious websites do not have any contact info at all or they hide it. Make your contact information easy to find. List your full address on your website.
The more information about your company can be found on your website, the more likely it is that it will be considered a real business.
Your website should have a privacy policy and terms and conditions (if applicable). Both should be easy to find.
 You need trustworthy links
Even if you have a new domain, Google will trust your site if it has many links from other reputable websites.
Low quality links will damage your rankings, links from high quality sites will have a positive influence on the Google rankings of your site.
Links from reputable websites are by far the best way to show search engines that your website can be trusted.
If Google trusts your website then it will be much easier to get high rankings. Of course, your website still needs optimized web page content and good links.

Content is still king! We offer content writing if you need it and we also have a video connection if you need a video about your business.

More to come!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

What is in a domain name?

You need a trustworthy domain name

Old domains with a spam free history usually get better rankings than brand new domains. If you can buy such a domain name, your business might benefit from it if the domain was used for similar businesses before. Do not use exotic top level domains. If you are in the USA, use .com, .net or .org. If you're in another country, use the official top level domain of your country.
Order your domain with a renewal period of 2 or more years to show search engines that the domain is not a throwaway domain.
Do not use more than one hyphen in your domain (better avoid them at all). Domains with hyphens often look spammy, especially if they contain many keywords.
Of course, it is possible to get high rankings with a brand new exotic domain, but it is more difficult.

I say buy the names the .net,.org. around your main .com

Remember if you are going to brand yourself remember this is an important decision so think long and hard and do not try to search to see if it is available have an expert do it for you. The name you use is for your branding! Branding is not to be taken lightly.  More on branding soon.


Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dont stop trying to sell

It is 4 :55 pm and you are tired and want to go home but you just need one last boost. You have worked hard, made calls, worked on projects and really you deserve to leave but you do not because there is one last thing to do, one last telephone call to make or e-mail to send. You pick up yur phone and dial again just one more call because you want that end of the day rush. I have often called past 5 pm and I find the owners are there, they answer the phhone because it is their business and you know the old saying,  it is eaiser to sell if you start at the top!  That last effort has often made me appointments that would lead to sales. Give it your best effort and you will see leads come in!

More to come and if you want me to speak to your reps just ask!

Joe Rossini

Monday, March 7, 2016

Do not give up, keep trying a sale maybe only one email or call away!

Well there is a fact that it is very rare to make a sale on the first call or even the second or third.  people can be funny and they will say yes then change their mind to no then back to maybe several times. As a salesman it can be frustrating and it takes a lot of guts to keep going. When one door closes go to the next door and maybe open contact that old door a few weeks or even months later. There are many doors for a salesperson to try, you have to find them and then push your way in. I have been kicked out several times or hung up on but on the whole, people are nice even when they say no. A no is just a reason to start to sell:) I have gotten several no answers in my career but have sold many of those suspects and made them customers. Remember, if sales were easy, everyone could do it. I tell many potential customers who say that they are doing their own website and I ask them what is their business and they say xyz. I say heck I can do xyz real easy so I guess I can do it better and cheaper than you!  Most people might get offended but I do that to prove to them that making a web site might seem easy but it is not. So use a professional on what ever you do be it a locksmith or a plumber or an HVAC person, remember they are the pros.

Ok enough for now,more later.


PS I have added a chat box on my web site so if you have a question and if I am there just ask:)

Thursday, March 3, 2016

How we interact with mobile vs desktop searching

Eye Tracking in 2016: How Searchers Interact with Mobile SERPs vs. Desktop

Posted by rMaynes1

In 2014, Mediative released an eye-tracking study that looked at how Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) has changed over the last decade, and how searcher behavior has adapted as a result. We learned that:
  1. Top organic results are no longer always in the top-left corner, so users look elsewhere to find them.
  2. Mobile devices have habitually conditioned searchers to scan vertically more than horizontally. Searchers are looking for the fastest path to the desired content.
  3. People are viewing more search results listings during a single session and spending less time viewing each one.
  4. Businesses that are positioned lower on the SERP (especially positions 2–4) see more click activity than they did several years ago, making this real estate much more valuable.
  5. The #1 organic listing still captures the most click activity (32.8%), regardless of what new elements are presented.

On a desktop, the #1 organic listing is shifting further down the page, opening up the top of the page with more potential areas for businesses to achieve visibility.

The way website listings are presented on a mobile search engine results page is significantly different from how they're presented on a desktop. The decrease in available screen size means there are a limited number of listings immediately visible to searchers, and competition for the top spots can be fierce.

I expect more changes to come for all of us trying to get in that first page of Google. My strategy works I use multiple ways to bring leads not just how high I can get in Google!

More to come soon.

Joe R

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Need an answer quickly go to my web site

I have just added a chat button on my web site to answer quick questions. Should you need advice that I can answer or a quick quote go visit and send me a chat request.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Google makes an adwords change and it could affect you!

Change required? Google does not show ads in the right sidebar any more.

Google no longer shows text ads in the right sidebar on the search results pages.
This change applies to the desktop search results on and to the search results pages of Google search partners. It is a worldwide change.

What exactly has changed?

  • No more text ads on the right side of the search results page.
  • Three text ads above the main search results for regular queries.
  • Four text ads above the main search results for ‘highly commercial queries’.
  • Three text ads below the regular search results.
  • The right side of the search results page will continue to show Knowledge Panels and product listing ad blocks.
I really wonder if this really will hurt adword users especially smaller ones!  Ii believe it will.

Accelerated Mobile pages

Google announced in its blog that AMP pages now appear in mobile search results. What is AMP, who uses it and do you have to adjust your web pages?
accelerated mobile pages
What is AMP?
The AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project is an open-source initiative aiming to improve the performance of the mobile web. It was launched by Google last October.
In simplified terms, AMP strips out most of the elements which cause web pages to load slower on mobile devices. For example, JavaScripts, unneccessary navigational elements, and a lot of traditional ads. HTTPS is mandatory for AMP pages.
On February, 24th, Google announced that AMP pages will be displayed in mobile search results:
AMP example
“Now when you search for a story or topic on Google from a mobile device, webpages created using AMP will appear when relevant in the Top Stories section of the search results page. Any story you choose to read will load blazingly fast—and it’s easy to scroll through the article without it taking forever to load or jumping all around as you read. It’s also easy to quickly flip through the search results just by swiping from one full-page AMP story to the next.
AMP is great for browsing the web on mobile devices, because webpages built with AMP load an average of four times faster and use 10 times less data than equivalent non-AMP pages. In many cases, they’ll load instantly. It’s how reading on the mobile web should be—fast, responsive and fun.”

AMP pages will be highlighted in the mobile search result pages with this marker: AMP marker

More to come soon.