Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Marketing and options on the web

Well there is a lot here so this will be done maybe over several posts.  What I want to say is if you want leads from the web I would certainly consider using Google Adwords. You will pay per click and you have to watch this but it is the fastest way to get leads.

Another way is the old fashioned way and that is to just do SEO to the organic search engines to get in the top page of Google or Bing. ((Good luck!) If you pay a service for several key words it will take several hundred to thousands of dollars a month! Yes I said hundreds or thousands per month. This can work it just takes time.  Time factor up to six months or more.

Social media like Facebook is also a quick way to get leads depending on yur product or services and it can work well but no guarentees here.

OK Part oneis done more later.


Tuesday, December 8, 2015

What makes a bad website according to Google

What defines a low quality website?
A low quality website is not the same as a spam website. According to Google’s quality guidelines, the following makes a low quality website:
  1. Low quality main content
    The quality of the content is determined by how much time, effort, expertise, and talent/skill have gone into the creation of the page.
    If the content of your website has been created automatically, or if it has been created by copying or scraping other sites, chances are that Google will flag your site as a low quality website.
    Ironically, Google's own content solely consists of scraped, copied and automatically created content.
    The web page must also have enough content for the purpose of the page. For example, a few paragraphs on a broad topic such as the second world war is not enough for an encyclopedia article.
  2. Lack of expertise, authoritativeness, or trustworthiness
    To be considered trustworthy, some topics demand expertise for the content. For example, medical advice, legal advice, financial advice, etc. should come from authoritative sources in those fields.
    Even everyday topics, such as recipes and housecleaning, should come from those with experience and everyday expertise in order for the page to be trustworthy.
  3. Negative reputation
    Most businesses have some negative reviews, especially for customer service. Google requires manual website raters to read the details of negative reviews and low ratings before inferring that the business has a negative reputation.
  4. Unhelpful or distracting supplementary content, poor page design
    If the main purpose of your website is to get clicks on the ads, your pages won't get a high quality rating.
    If your page is functional for its purpose, it is okay if it looks like it was created in the 90s (although this is not recommended).
    If your web pages are designed to shift the user's attention to the ads, or if the main content is difficult to read, the pages will get a low quality rating.
  5. Lacking care and maintenance
    Your website does not make a good impression if many links on your web pages are broken, if images do not load, and if the content feels stale or outdated. If you have a website with medical information, legal information, tax information, etc. then you must update it frequently because users expect information about the most current medical thinking, current laws, this year’s tax information, etc.
    It depends on the purpose of your website. A year without updates for a personal photo website is okay, several days without updates on a major news website are not okay.
Low quality websites do not get high rankings on Google. There is no fast track to high rankings.

This compliments of Axandria

Monday, December 7, 2015

Dif you know that we can target industries, areas, zip codes and more

Just a quick note and that is did you know that we can target areas to market to! Did you know that we can specify if I want an ad to go just to a specific gender! OK not trans yet but they are working on that.  Did you know we can write an add, use a picture, then boost it to thousands of potential customers! We have several tricks up our sleeve that work and work well. I believe you need to use several ways to get leads and to make sales.  You can visit
and find out more.

More to come.



Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What does Google thinks is a good website

What defines a high quality website? (From Google)
According to Google's quality guidelines, the following makes a high quality website:
  1. Good content
    High quality pages are pages that contain "a satisfying amount of high quality main content". Creating high quality content takes a significant amount of at least one of the following: time, effort, expertise, or talent/skill.
    According to Google, high quality encyclopedia articles should be factual, accurate, clearly written, and comprehensive. High quality shopping content should allow you to find the products you want and to purchase the products easily.
    The amount of content necessary for the page to be satisfying depends on the topic and purpose of the page. A high quality page on a broad topic with a lot of available information will have more content than a high quality page on a more narrow topic.
  2. No technical errors How frequently a website should be updated depends on its purpose. However, all high quality websites are well cared for, maintained, and updated appropriately.
    Google encourages the quality raters to poke around: links should work, images should load, content should be added and updated over time, etc. The website audit tool in our web-based Internet marketing tool SEOprofiler helps you to make sure that your web pages do not contain errors.
  3. A positive reputation If a website has a bad reputation, this has a negative influence on the quality of the website. Google says that website raters should check user ratings, BBB ratings, news articles, Wikipedia articles, blog posts, magazine articles, forum discussions, and ratings from independent organizations to judge the reputation of a company.
    The social media monitor in SEOprofiler helps you to protect your online reputation.
  4. The website should have a high level of expertise/authoritativeness/trustworthiness High quality pages and websites need enough expertise to be authoritative and trustworthy on their topic. The term "expert" can be used for websites of all types, including gossip websites, fashion websites, humor websites, etc.
    Google explicitly states that they also value "everyday expertise" that is based on life experience. A website should not be penalized for not having formal education or training.
  5. The website should had a functional page design
    Your website should be well-organized and have a functional overall layout. The main content should be prominently displayed and it should be clear what the main content is.
    Ads and secondary content should not distract from the main content. It should be clear what parts of the page are ads, either by explicit labeling or simply by page organization or design.
    What constitutes functional design for a shopping page may be very different from what constitutes functional design for an informational page. While it is important that a page is functional, it is not important that it is pretty.

    More info to come soon. what is important is that you use a professional company that knows what they are doing.   Just because it iss free does not necessarily mean it is right.

    More coming soon.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Did you know?

Save Money by Refurbishing Old Furniture
Your commercial space makes a lasting impression on your customers. Great lighting, great d├ęcor and good quality furniture are all important in making your commercial space appear organized and in good taste.  Areas that play a key role in making impressions among your business partners and clients include:
·         Corporate office complexes
·         Conference rooms
·         Hotels
·         Executive suites
·         Restaurants
·         Apartments
·         Lobbies or greeting areas
·         Hospitals, clinics and doctor's offices
·         Senior living facilities
·         Retail spaces
This is why you need a commercial furniture repair and refurbishing company to keep your furniture in great shape and quite affordably. Furniture with heavy wear, water damage and deep scratches can be reworked to look new again. Furniture pieces like desks, conference tables and cabinets among others can be refinished. Whether you want to change the look of an entire office or a few furniture pieces, commercial furniture refurbishing can handle these changes.

Visit for more information about refurbishing your old business furniture.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

More Google stuff

"A theory: The next Google Penguin update, expected to roll out before year’s end, will kill link spam outright by eliminating the signals associated with inorganic backlinks. Google will selectively pass link equity based on the topical relevance of linked sites, made possible by semantic analysis.

Google will reward organic links and perhaps even mentions from authoritative sites in any niche. As a side effect, link-based negative SEO and Penguin “penalization” will be eliminated."

New Bing tool.....
 "we are happy to announce the general availability of the Bing Mobile Friendliness Test Tool and also would like to dive a little deeper into the more specific factors that determine mobile friendliness and provide more understanding how these factors impact your site."

On Twitter, Google's Gary Illyes confirmed that Google does not index content that is hidden in a JavaScript array. Google said similar things before. If important parts of your content require JavaScript, you might want to reconsider your website design. What does this mean??? it means that many of us in the past stuffed the internals of program such as a slider with code etc, now this is not quite as effective.

Paid search marketing is a quick and easy way to get listed on Google and other search engines for the keywords that are related to your business. Unfortunately, paid search marketing is also very expensive. Search engine optimization (SEO) can help you to save money while getting more targeted visitors at the same time.
You can waste a lot of money with AdWords
What is the difference between SEO and paid search marketing?

SEO (search engine optimization) concentrates on the regular "organic" results on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. If your website is listed in the regular results, you don't have to pay for each click.

If you use paid search marketing to advertise your website on search engines, you pay for every click. Your website will appear in the "sponsored results" section of the search results page.

Organic SEO provides lasting results

Paid search marketing is great because it provides quick results. You will get the first visitors minutes after the launch of your paid search campaign. Unfortunately, you won't get any more visitors as soon as you stop paying.

To achieve high rankings in the organic search results, you have to develop good web pages and good links that point to your site. It takes much longer to get high rankings with SEO. Fortunately, most websites keep their rankings for a long time.

In the long run, SEO is a much better value than paid search marketing. If you have a business that is meant to stay, SEO is the way to go.

More to come soon.........

Friday, November 13, 2015

The value of an internal title tag

Correctly Using the TITLE Element
For maximum effect, the should be no longer than 60 characters (including spaces)</b> and have correct grammar. Be sure not to abuse this element by "stuffing" it with keywords. This increases the chance of search engines banning your webpage and simultaneously decreasing the likelihood of catching the visitor's attention—neither of which are a good thing!</p> <p> In search engine terms, the <title> element is said to carry significant weight, meaning that words appearing in this element have a significant importance. Given that this element carries so much weight, it should accurately describe the contents of the webpage while still containing your target keywords.</p> <p>  </p> <p> <b>To ensure that this element does not get buried by HTML & JavaScript code, it should be located at the very beginning of the <head> element.</b></p> <p> The title is probably the most important part of your site to evaluate, as it is the most frequently searched component by search engines, and should state exactly what your site is about, without use of any superlatives. To get high rankings, the title must include your most important keywords. Example of a Title: "Dave's Interior Designs - Decorating the Inside of England's Homes".</p> <p> Given that search engines place a great degree of emphasis on the <title> tag, many people assume that using more than one tag will increase their ranking. This is not true, even though many spammers continue to use multiple tags.

A well-constructed page should contain ONLY one tag, which should be the very first tag inside the tag.
Search engines can easily detect the use of multiple tags and have been known to ban Websites that employ such spamming methods!

More to come!

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What makes a good web site

6 Essential Ingredients for a Great Website Design

Your website is the online representative of your business and brand. With the millions of people using the internet to access information, you cannot afford to neglect the importance of a good website design.

1.      Polished logo

Your logo is the permanent image that your audiences will use to identify your business. You should get a professionally designed logo that is located prominently on your website. You should use a high-resolution image of the logo in each web page. You can also add a link to your home page on your logo to help visitors get back to the home page for easy navigation.

2.      Avoid clutter

The best performing websites today are the ones without clutter, good use of white space and concise messages. When confronted with too many options, the brain is unable to process information properly and this is why visitors often navigate away from website that are cluttered with too much information and ads. Do not have too much visual clutter like graphics and animations to draw the visitor’s attention away from your call to action.

3.      Use color

The colors you use on your site enhance your brand imagery and also create a great user experience. Neutral color palettes are great for a modern and elegant appearance, especially for corporate websites. Your color palette should complement your logo and your other online marketing materials. Choosing the right layout of colors should help guide visitors to the most important parts of your website.

4.      Good quality photography

There is no doubt that you have to invest in professional photography for your website. Internet users do not like generic photos as it gives a generic impression of your company. It can also misguide the visitor about the quality of the products displayed in the poor quality picture. You can opt to purchase professional stock photos that provide an emotional connection with the written content.
5.      Every page is a landing page
Do not assume that all your visitors will land on your home page first. You should design every page as a landing page. Include key information in all the pages in your website instead of the home page only.

6.      Responsive website design

Cross browser and device compatibility is necessary nowadays when people are accessing the internet through laptops, desktop computers, tablets and smart phones among others. There are so many browser and operating system options. You should ensure that your website works well regardless of the device or browser it is opened with. A great user experience leads to more time spent on your website and eventually a high conversion rate.

More to come!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The importance of social media

Make Social Media Part of Your Internet Marketing Campaign
It is impossible to talk about internet marketing today without mentioning social media. These platforms are very crucial in the internet environment with sites such as Facebook passing the one billion users mark. Many people today use these forums to access information through what is shared on links. Social media is here to stay and you should join the bandwagon as well.
Importance of social media for internet marketing
Social media pages are great for businesses as they have a significant role in enhancing a company’s brand. You can open a profile in various websites to increase your brand’s visibility and use these pages as tools for connecting with your audiences and building professional relationships as well. These days, simply having a website for your business is not enough and you should extend your digital storefront to social media pages.
With this platform, you can get up close and personal with your target audience and this makes for a great marketing tool. You can receive comments from consumers on social media posts and interact with them through these remarks. You can also follow conversations and updates on these forums to get insights into the lives of your target audience, which can help you adjust your product or marketing strategies.
Another great thing about these pages is that you can respond to problems immediately and manage your brand reputation online. Many people today take to platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to spell out their frustrations about products and services. This gives you the unique opportunity to respond to problems immediately based on the feedback you get from your online audience. Your customers will appreciate this customized approach and you can develop a loyal following.
Social media management
Not all social media networks work the same way. If you want to fully exploit all that these platform offers, you should consider social media management service. A dedicated team will work on ensuring your pages are always up to date and responding to your online clientele while you focus on running the business. Social media sites can be quite engaging and you may need to update your posts daily, if not hourly!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Guest blog by Randy Rundle

So You Have a Business Website…What Next?

Your business finally has an online presence with your new website. You can’t wait till the end of the month rolls around to see how many visitors your website had. That day finally comes…and the number is 96. You were hoping for three times that. What happened?

Getting a website up and running is only part of the job. You need to make people aware that you have a website and you need to let potential customers know that you have for sale what they are looking for.

So how do you go from the “we have a website” to a report that says you had 488 visitors visit your website in the past month? You need to “submit” your website along with what are called “key words” to all of the major search engines. Then when someone searches for a particular item such as a carrying case for a laptop your site will come up as having that item for sale and a link that will take the person directly to your website. One the person arrives at your website he/she will see firsthand all of the products you have to offer.

Getting your website noticed is what Joe Rossini and his company Rossini and Associates is all about. They will get your website noticed in all of the search engines and include the key words that will draw the traffic to your website. You will then be free to do what you do best, take care of your new customers.

It has been said many times that word of mouth advertising is the best there is. That is still true today. Getting the word out about your company website and what you have to offer is a full time job best left to the experts. It will be money well spent.

                                                                             --Until Next time

Please visit Randy's web page 


Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A time to reflect and to strategize

Today Brenda and I spent quite a bit of time just talking about the business and how we can help our customers more. We researched Pr releases we use and saw the reports and what we decided is yes they are good but we can and should do more and we discussed what extra ideas we were going to employ. We also discussed about our blogging and the latest blog we created for Randy Rundle Fifthaveinternetgarage blog by Randy Rundle. This blog is more progressive, has more pictures, more links, more menu selections and it is in many ways a second website for Randy. This is no easy blogger blog it takes time to make and information and participation by the customer and yes it costs about $1000.00 to make but the payoff will be more participation and visits and eventually more sales. Sales are where it is at so how do we bring you more sales? What I intend to do for you as a customer if you wish it is a coordinated attack like a war campaign. The war has to have ammo and that is a new blog, a touched up social media presence and an updated web site both internally and externally.  The web site must be multi platformed or the big buzz word it must be responsive. You have to be able to see this on your kindle or lap top or I phone and more.So as we think about phase two, phase one is the build up the prelude to war and it is a must. Will it cost, well they answer is ye sit will probably at least $2500 to $5000.00 but it will be worth it and you will be ready for phase two, the attack.

This war starts with a social media barrage, Facebook, twitter, Linked In, Google+ and more. Carpet bomb the playing field abut your new product or your new website, or blog and tell the world. Thousands will see or hear about you all at once on day one! Follow this up in late day one or early day two with an on line pr release that also tells the story to many more new potential readers about your new idea or product. Make sure that on Day one through day two that your internal keywords are new and ready to go and then change them and get them ready for day four which is to submit them to thousands and thousands of directories and search engines. Let the Googles of the world and others know about you and have them look at this updated web site. So as we get close to the end of that first week, a lot has happened, A new updated look and feel, a neat new blog and now you start to get some results.

Well this is just the start of my battle campaign for you and yes it does cost but what does an ad or two in a magazine or newspaper or a tv spot cost...a lot more.  More to come soon.

Joe R

Market or die!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

What can I do for you!

I am often asked what can I do for a company and I say:

  • I can create a web site for you
  • I can host your new web site
  • I can offer e-mail
  • I can offer spam and virus protection
  • I can create a responsive designed web site
  • I can make sure all the right SEO programming for the web site is in place
  • I can market your web site to the world
  • I can offer video services
  • I can offer social media marketing for you
  • I can make expanded blogs for you and then keep them updated
  • I can give you expanded reporting
  • I can do your adword campaign for you
  • I have content writers if you need them
  • I can submit you to the main search engines
  • I can submit you to the top directories
  • I can make a logo for your business
  • I can offer you consulting
  • I can make special programs on the web to make you just a bit different
  • I can buy a domain name for you
  • I can create and teach you how to run an e-commerce web site
  • And a lot more!!!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Can you identify web visitors??

Identifying Website Visitors: The Naked Truth (Part 1)

The Net-Results website gets a lot of traffic from people who would like to identify individual website visitors.  Search phrases such as “identify website visitors” and “track individual web site visitors” bring traffic to us on a daily basis.  We find that many people are searching for a solution that will tell them the email addresses (or names & phone numbers) of each person that visits their website.
This post is the first in a series that will explain exactly what is and is not possible when it comes to identifying and tracking visitors to your website. Having personally built popular software for identifying website visitors I have at least one truckload of experience in this area, maybe more depending on the size of your truck.

What’s Not Possible
A universal truth:  No legitimate software or service in existence can identify the names, phone numbers or email addresses of each visitor to your website.  I know, I know.  That sucks.  Very disappointing.  But that’s absolutely the way it is.  Let me show you why this is the case.
Think about your computer.  Where in it would you find your email address?  How about your name and phone number?  The first place that comes to mind is your email program like Outlook or Entourage.  Another place where your name may be found is in the operating system itself.  You may also have look in the various documents you’ve created.  Here’s the deal: The code used to build web pages is not technologically capable of accessing information stored in these places.  Web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox & Safari are specifically designed to not allow access to the information stored in other programs.  You can’t build a web page that sorts through Outlook contacts, Word documents or operating system settings without the user’s permission.  It’s not only a question of ethics, it’s also just not possible without tricking the user into downloading something sneaky.
“But what about cookies?” I hear someone asking.  No, cookies cannot provide this kind of information either.  Many people have the mistaken impression that they can but they cannot.  Web developers use cookies to store pieces of information they already know.  Cookies cannot discover new information, they can only store known information.
That is the bottom line.  End of story.  But wait…
There is one kind of program that’s capable of digging around in your address book or elsewhere to find email addresses and other contact information.  It’s called spyware (I’m sure you noticed that I said no legitimate software can identify each visitor to your website).  Spyware can probe various areas of a computer and “phone home” with all the dirt it digs up.  You won’t find anyone openly selling this kind of software because it is only used by criminals and spammers (if there’s really a difference there).  But alas, even spyware has its limitations.  In order to use spyware to get at sensitive information you first have to trick someone into installing it on their computer.  Your mileage may vary, but I’m not predicting success in identifying all of your website visitors in this manner.

Ok can you id website visitors? Yes the easiest way we know is to put in a reason to sign up into your website such as an email list, a coupon, get basic information, have someone call you....that will get you names that are genuinely interested. Some reporting software can tell yu a lot about yur visitors but in my estimation cool info but not enough.  OK More to come soon.

Joe Rossini

Monday, October 5, 2015

Twitter up or twitter down?

Businesses Of All Sizes Can Try Out The Twitter Buy Button

By: Chris Crum | Staff Writer

A lot more businesses are about to have access to the "Buy Now" option on Twitter, potentially ramping up opportunities to makes sales directly from tweets.
Is a Twitter buy button something that you're interested in using or at least experimenting with? Let us know in the comments.
Twitter has been dabbling in ecommerce for a fairly long time at this point, but has yet to offer a widespread way that any business can set up a buy button for selling items directly from tweets. Sure, they've made announcements about such features, but only a select few have really gotten to take advantage.
While the functionality isn't going to be immediately available to all, the company finally announced a much bigger push that will greatly expand it to businesses of all sizes. The company is integrating Buy Now with Bigcommerce, Demandware, and Shopify to enable new businesses to sell through Twitter. The partnerships are powered by the recently announced Stripe Relay.
Stripe announced earlier this month that it partnered with Twitter and other companies to offer an API for stores to publish their products and enabling apps to read them. Relay seeks to make it easier for developers to build mobile ecommerce experiences and for stores to utilize them. Store provide product info to Stripe via its dashboard, API or by linking their existing ecommerce system.

 "The goal for all our commerce initiatives on Twitter is simple: make it as easy as possible for businesses to connect directly with, and sell to, customers on Twitter," said Nathan Hubbard, Twitter's VP of Commerce. "With Buy Now, businesses can drive more conversions and remove much of the friction in the mobile purchasing process. Today, as we begin rolling out to a wider group of platforms and partners, people will have even more opportunities to discover and purchase products from the brands they love on Twitter."
"Over the last year, we've built commerce solutions that connect customers and brands like never before," Hubbard adds. "This includes making it possible to buy products right from a Tweet, load offers directly to a credit or debit card, and browse or shop collections of products without leaving Twitter. As we continue to develop new products and expand the ecosystem of platforms and partners in the social commerce space, we can help even more brands and customers connect on social and mobile."
Bigcommerce merchants can choose to include Buy Now on regular and promoted tweets, and when a customer purchases via Twitter for the first time, their payment and shipping info is saved so they can buy and confirm with two clicks for future purchases. Orders made on Twitter go to the Bigcommerce control panel for standard order processing.
"Twitter's Buy Now allows brands to offer in-the-moment purchasing experiences for repeat and net new customers without leaving the Twitter platform," says Bigcommerce's Tracey Wallace in a blog post. "For retailers, this increases product discoverability, offers improved ROI for social media efforts and increases brand awareness among Twitter's 316 million monthly active users."
 "Up to this point, most brands have been unable to serve immediate click-to-purchase opportunities to those customers without forcing them to redirect to another site," Wallace adds. "Now, Bigcommerce merchants can collapse the purchasing funnel, offering in-the-moment buying experiences right when and where potential customers are considering them."
Demandware's enterprise customers can install and configure the Buy Now cartridge within their implementation. Merchants can share a Buy Now enabled product link through either an organic or promoted tweet, and when the user clicks, they'll get additional product info and begin the transaction. The order is sent to the Demandware Commerce Cloud for inventory verification, order calculation, placement, etc. When a product is enabled for purchase, users can retweet the buyable URL.
"This is an incredibly exciting time in the retail industry, and one of profound change," says Demandware's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Elana Anderson. "The surge in mobile commerce, new transactional platforms, alternative payment types, shared economy applications and innovations in fulfillment are just some of the things providing retailers with opportunities to grow their business. The result of these many advancements is that the consumer has gained more control over her own destiny including discovering new passions and products in places.(like Twitter) not directly controlled by the retailer. This democratization effect is disruptive but represents enormous upside for retailers who embrace it to become what our CEO Tom Ebling calls 'connected brands.'

I believe Twitter has its nitch and I am going to try to use it.

More to come


Tuesday, September 29, 2015


As Instagram Surpasses Twitter, Marketers Must Take Note

By Chris Crum

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Instagram is officially bigger than Twitter, and it has the power to let marketers target audiences at the same level as its parent company Facebook. If you're not taking it seriously as a marketing channel yet, what are you waiting for?

How have you leveraged Instagram in your marketing efforts? If you haven't, what is holding you back? Discuss.

Last week, Mark Zuckerberg and Instagram announced that the image and video sharing service has surpassed the 400 million monthly active users mark. It has added 100 million just since December.

I will be following up on this and getting yu more information on how I will add this to my SEO marketing efforts!

More to come soon!

Joe R