Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Spotlight a few outstanding companies....

One of our cities top small companies is http://www.kuecker.com Kuecker Logistics is a leader in Kuecker Logistics Group, Inc. (KLG) has specialized in providing innovative solutions to suit their clients' needs for integrated material handling systems.

Another great KC company is http://www.ecsxtal.com  ECS Inc. International has grown to become one of the most recognized and experienced manufacturers of frequency control management products in the world.

Want some fantastic KC based coffee search no more than http://www.actioncoffee.com

More to come soon!

It has been a while

Sorry I have been off this for a bit but I will be picking back up strong. Here are a few strategic items of interest to your rankings: Some info courtesy of Axandra.....
On-page optimization vs link building
On-page optimization vs link building1. Different keywords require different SEO tactics

Getting high rankings hasn't become easier with Google's recent updates. Fortunately, it is still possible to get high rankings if you do the right things. Depending on your target keywords, you have to do different things to get high rankings.

1. Long keywords: on-page optimization has a high impact

If you target long keywords with little competition, the value of on-page optimization is very high:
The more pages you optimize the better
When you optimize your website, optimize different pages of your website for different keyphrases. Start with longer keyword phrases that don't have much competition and then proceed with more competitive keywords.
As soon as Google knows that your website is relevant to the topic, it will be much easier to get high rankings for more competitive keywords.
The more pages of your website you optimize for different but related keywords, the better.

I believe that SEO on every page is necessary. I like long tail keywords because I say put in words that people will search on looking specifically for you. Remember that change is important on your web page, change the content, change the look and feel often.

Use social media, I can not tell you how many companies do not use this easy to do marketing avenue.  I can help you if yu ask and we can get yu ranked but more importantly I can bring you leads!

Until next time...................