Friday, April 10, 2009

CD-ROM e-books

One of my customers offers the following:

POWERFUL CD-ROM. You'll enjoy the ever-widening array of choices we've made available on this CD-ROM. With so many e-Books to choose from, everyone will have an easy time finding the perfect e-Book.

This CD-ROM includes a wide-range of Top e-Books that appeal to everyone such as:

* "The eBay Cash Explosion e-Book"
* "Memory Power Tricks e-Book"
* "Grow Rich from eBay and the Internet e-Book"
* "Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Recipes e-Book"
* "Internet Marketing Gold Rush e-Book"
* "Top 10 Ways to Retire Wealthy e-Book"
* "How to Retire Without Money e-Book"
* "How to Make Money Watching TV e-Book"
* "Big Money in Your Mailbox Daily e-Book"
* "Kitchen Table Money Machine e-Book"
* "Escape Credit Card Debt Today e-Book"
* "Investing Made Easy e-Book"
* "America's Most Popular Recipes e-Book"

Owning the "Instant e-Book Library CD-ROM" is the fastest way to get started growing your very own e-Book library. You'll have immediate access to OVER 250 cutting-edge e-Books spanning a wide variety of interesting topics.

You can find this cd-rom at:

A neat web page to look at

Take a look at one of my clients web sites, it has many software bargaiins to look at.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wiki who?

"Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales' open source, human-powered Google killer died a quiet death Tuesday, making the latest object lesson in the futility of trying to unseat Google as the king of search engines. [...] Wikia even managed to force Google to adopt a Wikia-like feature in November that solicits user opinions on whether search results are relevant."

I am sad to here this but there are others!!

One more Google fact

From Kim Kammando:

3. Google now shows local results based on IP addresses

Search Google for the keyword "pizza" and you'll see local results in the middle of the search results. These local results are delivered based on the IP address of the searcher. That means that you will get different results than people in another city.

What does this change mean for your website?

It's now easier to rank for competitive keywords for some local searches(The holy grail). While it's very difficult to get a high ranking for a very competitive keyword such as "lawyer" in the regular results, it's much easier to be listed for that keyword in the local results if you're living in a small town.

You should submit your website to Google Maps so that web surfers can find you in these local searches. You can submit your website to Google Maps with IBP's semi-automatic directory submitter.

If you run a local business, you should include your business name, your category and the name of your city in the title tag of your homepage.

If you want to get on top of Google's search results then your website must have optimized content and good inbound links. If you give Google what it wants then your website will get the best possible rankings.

This is me again...notice the words optimized and linking and much more and that is what I do! Call me ay 913-533-4098 and I can help!

Search engine facts

These facts are a combination of articles I have read.

1. Google has increased the snippet length. Less visitors for you?

Google now shows an extended snippet for queries that consist of three or more keywords. The idea behind this change is that these multi-word queries are very targeted and complex. The usual short snippet might not contain enough information.

What does this change mean for your website?

The longer snippet contains much more information. As Google tries to provide the user with the most relevant information in the snippet, the snippet might already contain the answer to the user's query. The longer snippets might result in the following:

* Fewer users might click through to your website because they get the answer to their question in the search results.

* Users might begin to use more multiple-word queries to get more detailed search result snippets.

* As the longer snippets need more space, the longer snippets move another result page below the fold and web surfers will see fewer results at first glance. That increases the importance of very high rankings.

It seems that Google ignores the meta description tag for the snippets. That means that you must include a call to action in your web page titles.

Remember people...this is Joe Google does have 60% of the search market but that also means that 40% may not follow Google on this! Remember there is Yahoo, MSN, Dog Pile, ASK and may more...

2. Google now shows more related searches at the bottom of the results

When you search for a keyword, Google will display related searches at the bottom (and sometimes at the top) of the search results.

For example, if you search for the keyword "principles of physics", Google will suggest "angular momentum," "special relativity," "big bang" and "quantum mechanic" as related terms that could help you find what you need.

What does this change mean for your website?

It's important that you optimize the different pages of your website for different keywords. Do not concentrate on a single keyword but cover a wide range of keywords so that Googly will classify your website as relevant to the complete topic.

The more related keywords and pages can be found on your website, the better.

Air card vs wy-fi

This is a good article from Kim Kamando..yes that is her name :)

Is an air card or Wi-Fi better?

QMy friend travels and is going to buy a laptop. He wants to know if an air card or Wi-Fi is better. He's also considering connecting his personal computer to his company's mainframe. This would let him work on blueprints and pricing plans from home. Would the IT department be able to view his personal files?
—Teresa in Houston, listening on KTRH 740 AM

AThe term "air card" has two meanings. It can be a Wi-Fi card. Or, it can be a cellular laptop card. I'm going to assume that you meant the latter.

Cellular cards and Wi-Fi are not either/or gadgets. One isn't necessarily better than the other. Many people rely on both.

A cellular card connects a laptop to a cellular network. That means you can access the Internet wherever there is cellular service.

There are drawbacks to cellular cards. For instance, they can be pricey. Expect to pay $60 or $70 per month for service. And they have a monthly download limit. This is usually five gigabytes. Exceeding the limit will incur high fees.

In comparison, a Wi-Fi card lets you connect at wireless hotspots. The Internet connection is piped in to a wireless access point. Wireless equipment can then use the signal. Wi-Fi has a limited range. You must be within about 100 feet of the wireless access point.

Many hotels and airports provide Wi-Fi. You can also connect at cafes, libraries and other public places. Some Wi-Fi hotspots are free. Others charge for the service. Usually, this is by the hour or day.

Virtually every laptop includes a Wi-Fi card these days. Do not buy a laptop that doesn't have one.

Your friend may want a cellular card in addition to Wi-Fi. It will be handy if he can't find a hotspot. But even a cellular card may not get service in the boondocks.