Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

New blog entry at

Take a look at some of my new customers

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Introducing Lean Snack a 100% natural shake mix designed as a a perfect low calorie snack replacement. Visit
New post on how to make your web site work for you!

Can you make your web site work for you?

The plain and simple answer is yes you can make your website work for you. You must have a commitment to the web site, you must update it often and use the web site as a sales and marketing tool. What do I recommend:

Look at your web site often and make sure your content is fresh

Make sure you have a Facebook business page linked to your web site and update that often also

I recommend you have a Linked in identity and link that to your web site

Add a coupon or sales discount that a person can use to save money. Give people a reason to come back again and again

More to come and if you want your web site to bring you leads contact me, I can help!
New blog entry about why not to use flash!

Why not to use flash in your web site!

This is a cool ad researched by Alandra search and it is very important:

Some webmasters prefer to have a pure Flash website because they can look very impressive. Although Google can index Flash content to some extend, it is very unlikely that a Flash page will get high rankings on Google.

What's the problem with Flash pages?

Flash content cannot be indexed by search engines. If your website is a pure Flash site, then you can be sure that search engines won't be able to see 95% of your website content.

Google has several official statements regarding Flash content:

"Search engines are text based. This means that in order to be crawled and indexed, your content needs to be in text format. [...] Any content you embed in these files should also be available in text format or it won't be accessible to search engines. [...]

We recommend that you use rich-media technologies like Flash primarily for decorative purposes, and instead use HTML for content and navigation."

"Make sure that your site has a reasonable, seamless experience for visitors without Flash.

This may involve creating HTML-only equivalents for your Flash-based content that will automatically be shown to visitors who can't view Flash."

Adding your content in the noscript tag won't help

Theoretically, adding your web page content in the noscript tag on your web pages should make sure that search engines get the right content. Unfortunately, Google's John Mueller indicates that this doesn't work anymore:

"One of the problems with noscript is - as others have mentioned - that it's been abused quite a bit by spammers, so search engines might treat it with some suspicion.

So if this is really important content, then I wouldn't rely on all search engines treating your noscript elements in the same way as normal, visible, static content on your pages. If this is 'just' for comments, then that might be worth considering."

What does this mean to your website

If you want to get a reasonable amount of visitors through search engines, don't use Flash and other multimedia elements for the main contents of your web pages:

Only use Flash for decorative purposes.
The navigation of your website should use regular HTML a href links. Do not use fancy JavaScript or Flash navigation menus. Most search engines cannot parse them.
The main content of your web pages should be available as simple text.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Neat new post about the value of a domain name:

A bit about domain names

This is a neat article about domain names and is a quick and easy read.

1 - The name shall have Development Value
2 - The name shall have .Dot value
3 - The name shall have Brand Recognition
4 - The name shall be Search Engine Friendly
5 - The name shall be Linguistically Viable
6 - The name shall have Traffic or Revenue
7 - The name shall have Industry Strength
8 - The name shall have Sales Value History
9 - The name shall have Intrinsic Value
10 - The name shall have Market Potential

1 - Development Value
A names base line value is based on the ability to use it. One of the primary issues we address in our DNA (Domain Name Analysis) is - Can this name be built into an instantly recognizable site whose name becomes synonymous with its content?
2 - .Dot Value's are, and probably always will be, more valuable than any other .dot designation. Even's, and's are by their very nature worth less on the open market. There are many reasons for this. One reason involves search engine rankings. Other issues pertain to the consumers hard to break habits. Note that .com is the internationally recognized extension for serious Internet business sites.
3 - Brand Recognition
Simple, familiar words work better than complicated, hard-to-spell ones. Short, catchy names in attractive industry segments are also very valuable. Kleenex is an example of brand recognition in the brick and mortar world. The brand name Kleenex was originally associated with facial tissue made BY KLEENEX ONLY. Because of powerful brand recognition however the name Kleenex came to literally equal ANY brand of facial tissue. "Will you hand me a Kleenex please". This is one of the areas where we rely heavily on our point of contact research and specialists experience with domain names. It is an area we do not analyze via computer algorithm. Rarely will any name receive an excellent valuation under this commandment unless it meets the above criteria AND carries the .Dot com extension.
For explanations of the rest of the Commandments 4 - 10Free Reprint Articles, visit It's FREE and will ensure you don't make a mistake right up front when trying to establish a viable Internet Business.

Source: Free Articles from
New blog posted at about facebook

Why have a facebook ad?

Neat article off an RSS feed but it is very true!

VANCOUVER, BC, September 24, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Part 2: Facebook

Many business people tend to disregard Facebook, thinking it is for teenagers, or grandparents who want to post or view pictures of their grandkids. They just don't think that Facebook is to be taken seriously in the business world.

It's an easy assumption to make - Facebook is considered, after all, the father of "social" media. But business became social a while ago. If you study any of the TV commercials, websites or other promotional materials around, you will see companies asking their customers to 'like' them on Facebook for a promotion or discount and Facebook URLs and Twitter accounts are given where once website URLs were.

Like it or not, Facebook is a phenomenon that is not going to go away anytime in the foreseeable future. A profile or fan page on Facebook can obviously help with brand recognition but it can actually do so much more than that.

Firstly, Facebook is easy to integrate with other social media programs such as Twitter and LinkedIn. There are apps that will allow you to integrate blogs from your website or your Twitter feed. You should ideally be promoting your blog on both Facebook and Twitter whenever they are posted.

Secondly, make it easy for people to find your Facebook page. Add your Facebook URL and Twitter link to your email signature so it is available on every communication you send out.

Use your wall to post upcoming events, webinars, promotions, etc. Consider offering discounts (they don't have to be huge) to people who 'like' you on Facebook. You can also use your wall to let customers and business colleagues know your recent achievements, projects or interesting activities. Share good news with your 'fans', share interesting articles or link to videos that might interest your clients or colleagues.

Last, but by no means least, you can use Facebook to increase your business network. Go to your friends' pages and check out any mutual friends that you could also connect with. You can also use the 'Find Friends' button to expand your network.

Friday, September 16, 2011

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

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New post about Google in my blog:

New Google Info

Last month, Google announced new and extended sitelinks. The maximum number of sitelinks increased from eight to 12:


If Google decides to display sitelinks for your website, your site will get a much more prominent display than before.

How to make your sitelinks more attractive

Google uses the first 30-35 characters of the meta description tag of a web page for the snippets.

To increase the number of clicks on the snippets, you should optimize your meta description tags:

* The first 35 characters in the meta description tag should contain a clear description of the page and/or a call-to-action.
* Each page of your website should have its own meta description.

Note that Google updates the sitelinks of a website periodically. It may take some time before the new descriptions of your web pages appear in the sitelinks.

This info from Alexandra search

Friday, September 2, 2011

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Thursday, September 1, 2011 and more blog...I use Google Blogger, it is easy and it works. Reach your customers use a blog!
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