Saturday, February 8, 2014

Pay per clicks

Pay-per-click makes hitting the revenue bull's-eye a lot easier. Shoot straight with targeted keywords so ads get in front of customers who are searching for what you offer. Be sure to do your homework, and complete extensive keyword research. Think of the best phrases and words that make the most sense to what you're selling. Set your sights, take aim and make money!

When beginning a Pay Per Click advertising campaign, there are a number of factors that new businesses need to keep in mind. These will help them organize their account effectively, focus on the keywords and conversions that matter, and prevent them from wasting unnecessary time, clicks, and money. However, let's start with a basic description of the PPC campaign.

My best tip like the ones above is to think like your interested searcher would think and choose some of those keywords. Do not just say hotdog but say plumper cheese filled and broiled hotdogs :) m makes me hungry!

Keywords are valuable in your web site, in your content, in your adwords campaigns and much more. Keywords are important and should not be treated lightly. Also adword campaigns must be monitored and changes should be made to move toward more favorable keywords and campaigns.

More to come soon.


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Another tip

Filter your way to better business

Can't afford a professional photographer to shoot all of the cool stuff your company creates? Instagram your way to artistic marketing! Use the social media tool to create great images with their plethora of filters. Start a photo contest promotion to get followers and sales, and keep customers engaged. And don't forget the hashtags - it's a snap!

Manta tip

I do not know if I follow this like they say but here it is:

Share your secrets to get your next sale

Let your secrets out of the bag. Blog and tell your customers all about what you do. It backs up your credibility and lets people get the inside story on you and your company! Share easy how-to posts, and include things readers can put to use right away. People love getting the scoop, so update frequently to keep them coming back for more.