Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Spotlight http://www.adamsonbros.com Sheet metal fabrication

The primary function of our sheet metal shop is to fabricate the duct work for our heating and cooling installations. We do also get involved in quite a bit of custom sheet metal projects. We have reproduced many parts for our farm and ranch customers; tractor and combine parts, feeder parts, auger tube repair parts, shaker pans, and also for the car restoration enthusiasts; roll pans, widened fender wells, rocker panels, and many miscellaneous body parts that are not available from their parts magazines.

Our sheet metal shop is capable of working with metal up to 16 gauge thickness in mild steel and up to 20 gauge in stainless steel. The sheet metal equipment we have allows us to cut and bend metal up to 10' long. We do some mig welding, but mainly for our own custom jobs.

We regularly stock galvanized metal in 26 (.0217), 24 (.0276), 22 (.0336), and 18 (.0516) gauges in 4'x8' sheets. We keep 16 (.0598) gauge cold rolled black metal sheets that are 4'x10'. We can get sheets in most gauges up to 5'x12'.

We stock pre-finished colored metal in white, dark bronze and medium bronze that comes in 24 gauge, 4'x10' sheets. We have a wide variety of color samples to chose from that are also available. We also stock aluminum diamond plate in 16 gauge, stainless steel in 22 gauge and some 16 oz. copper sheet.
If you have a custom job you need done, come in and see if it is something we can help you with!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to get leads

I have been in this business for a long time, probably too long but one thing that I always enjoy is a referral or a lead from a customer or from my web site. How can a web site bring you leads you ask? There are several ways that a web site can work for you.  One way a web site can work for you is if you are in the search engines. How do you get in the search engines you ask, well that is another long conversation to have and I will spend some time in the future on that one subject but getting in there is not as easy as people think. You must first have a web site that has decent internal keywords and has a good description of your web site internally and also has a good title. Each one of these things are a subject by themselves and should take some time to be evaluated before your web person just puts down on the title internally web index(trust me I have seen more than once). A title should say more than just Joe Rossini web site. A good title should be short but also say a few things that the search engines will see such as Joe Rossini, Kansas City web site company.  Tell a bit more about your company and please never leave it blank.

Then there is the description area of your company web site, this again should be a quick concise description of what this web site is about.  In maybe 50 words or less tell the world what your web site is all about. Then there are keywords and there seems to be those that say we do not need keywords any longer and I say if that was the truth why does Google Adwords have all of those keywords in their program. I say what do you have to lose, put those keywords in.  Do not use general keywords, use specific long tail keywords such as web creation company Kansas City, not just web company. Be specific and think when you go to do a search do you just put in tires if you are searching for car tires???  No you put in tires for a Honda Element or you put in all radial tires for a Honda Element.  OK, I have said enough about these topics, more on these later.

How else can you get referrals or leads form that web site?  Well once you are in those search engines that is great but some one has to want to find you. I use multiple ways to get that web site working like a blog!  OK I hope you like my ramblings but some people seem to.  Also how about having a Facebook business page and then one you have it, post to it.  Have you ever used Linkedin? I think it is a great way to connect with other business in your industry.

What else can you do? I like little ads in on line newspapers and also writing articles that post in Yahoo.  Have you ever participated on Twitter? The more you are on line and around the more that people will find you and look and guess what, they may just pick up the phone and call!

It takes a lot of work to get that web page flowing with leads and my company does just that for you. Go visit www.marketyourbusinessnow.com and see how maybe you just might get that phone ringing and make some sales .

Until next time

Joe Rossini

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Important Google search updates coming

1. There will be more Penguin updates
Google is going to launch the next generation of the Penguin algorithm within the next few weeks. The Penguin 2.0 update will go deeper than the first Penguin version and it will affect a lot more sites.
The Penguin update targets websites that use spam tools to create backlinks. If you’re using tools that automatically create backlinks to your site, stop using them now. If any tool that you use contains the words “nuke”, “dominator” or “brute force” then it’s likely that your website will be affected by the next Penguin update.
2. Google does not like advertorials
Some websites use advertorials to get more backlinks. Matt Cutts said that non-nofollow links from these advertorials violate Google’s webmaster guidelines. If you purchase advertorials just to get backlinks, this might have a negative influence on your Google rankings.
3. Google will take a closer look at spammy queries
Some search queries such as ‘pay day loans’ tend to attract more spam than other queries. Google’s search spam team will take a closer look at these queries.
4. Link networks might get in trouble
Matt Cutts said that Google is going to go “more upstream” to make sure that some kind of links become less attractive. This probably affects link networks. Google has penalized several link networks in the past.
5. Google is going to analyze backlinks better
Matt Cutts also said that Google is in the early stages of a much more sophisticated link analysis software that will understand backlinks much better. That probably means that the influence of forum profile links might become even lower while the value of editorial links increases.
6. Better handling of hacked sites
Google is working on a better system to detect hacked sites. The new system should be available later this year. Google also wants to improve webmaster communication about hacked sites.
7. Authority websites will get a ranking boost
Google plans to give websites that are an authority in their category a ranking boost. For example, if your website is an authority in the medical space, Google plans to show your website above websites that are not as authoritative as your site.
8. The Panda update becomes less strict
Matt Cutts said that many of the websites that were affected by the Panda update were border cases. Google is looking at other quality metrics that enables them to make sure that these websites aren’t impacted by the Panda algorithm. The Panda algorithm targets websites with low-quality content.
9. Less domain clusters
Matt Cutts said that the number of same domain clusters on Google’s first result page should lessen this year. Google wants to make the results on page one more diverse. The second result page might contain more domain clusters.
What does this mean for your website? At the end of the video, Matt Cutts explains that Google wants to reduce the number of webmasters who use black-hat spam techniques. Smaller businesses that use white-hat SEO methods should rank better.
If you want to make sure that your website rankings are safe, avoid spammy SEO methods at all costs. You can get short-term results with black-hat SEO tools but your website will be penalized as soon as Googles detects the spam.

 The above cane from Google’s Matt Cutts who announced 9 things that Google will do within the next months.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Need photographs for your brochure or web page?

A good brochure or web page needs good pictures. Yes you can use stock photography but the real deal is much more effective. I have contacts with professional photographers that for as low $75.00 per hour will take profession pictures for you.

Contact me  This is for the greater KC area only at this time.

Your key to sales and leads is right now

You work hard, you spend big time money on advertising, you make sales calls then why don't you spend a few dollars on your web site. Your web site can bring you leads and can work 24/7 for you. You should update your content often, you should change your keywords often, you should submit yourself to the search engines on a regular schedule. How about social media, do you have a Facebook page or a Google+ page? How about LinkedIn?  Business people are on LinkedIn and it is a good tool for business.

If you want more leads and more sales try www.marketyourbusinessnow.com. I am offer a level one plan normally $200/mo for $100.00 per month till the end of May.  Give this a try and see your leads roll in!

Joe R

Friday, May 17, 2013

J & C Video Services

Our videos services for weddings, graduations and special events will be with attention to detail and quality.  We also provide the services of converting your old home movies and videos to DVD.
J & C wants to preserve your memories for a lifetime.

Call J & C Video and tell them you saw this blog post: 913-685-2325
Visit http://www.jandcvideo.com/

Having a bad cold can really throw you off your game

Well for the last week I have been working away with a bad cold and frankly I did not feel like working. I did get a lot of work done but boy I was wishing for this bug to end. It is today and finally it is loosening its grip on me. I actually think I will be back to feeling normal next week Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

OK some deep thought to consider and that is have you ever taken the time to think about the best things that your company has to offer? It is shocking to me that when I ask that question, most owners do not seem to know how to answer it. Practice what you believe in and how you feel your company can help others and then practice it. If you ever go to some of these business to business meetings, you get thirty seconds to tell everyone about you and your company. Be prepared to say that all the time when you meet people and then say it again.  Those thirty seconds should flow off of your tongue naturally. Believe it or not soon you will believe it yourself, it will be second nature.

Until next time

Joe Rossini