Monday, December 10, 2012

Web security

Phishing is a form of identity theft that is done on the Internet. It generally comes in the form of a pop-up window, instant message, chat-room message, or email that tricks the user into submitting personal information. The information is then used to steal the user's identity. Knowing how to prevent phishing will allow you to avoid this fate. The following is a guide on how to prevent phishing. This article is from WIKIHOW

  1. Be alert for spam messages.™

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    • Do not reply to emails that request financial information, even if it appears to be from a trusted source.
    • Do not reply to emails from unrecognized senders.
    • Phishing attempts are not likely to be personalized.
    • Do not open any links in suspicious emails, instant messages, or chat-room messages.
  2. 2
    Only communicate personal information over the phone or through a secure website.
    • Secure websites are indicated by a lock on the browser's status bar or the prefix "Https://" instead of Http://. "
    • It is safe to give personal information on the phone only if you initiate the call to a secure phone number. For example, it is best to call a number located on your bank statement rather than a number that you were asked to call in an email.
  3. 3
    Never use email to share personal information.
    • Even if you know the recipient of an email, unauthorized individuals may be able to gain access to your or the recipient's email account.
    • Individuals with advanced technical skills can intercept your email.
  4. 4
    Avoid using email on public computers.
    • Information from an email is temporarily stored on a computer's local disk and can be retrieved by another user if it is not properly deleted.
  5. 5
    Do not click anything in pop-up windows.
    • If your browser has a pop-up blocker, enable it.
    • Do not copy any website addresses from a pop-up window into your browser.
    • A legitimate enterprise will never ask you for your information in a pop-up window.
  6. 6
    Use security programs to protect your computer.
    • Use a spam filter, anti-spyware program, ,anti-virus program, and a firewall. These can be obtained from a software retailer or on the Internet.
  7. 7
    Check your credit report and financial statements regularly.
    • Make sure that no unauthorized transactions have been made and that all items on your credit report are correct.
    More to come!

    See ya soon!

    Joe Rossini

Friday, December 7, 2012

Have you ever wanted to tell a salesperson to go away?

Well, here's your chance!

Less than a year ago we created a new website for one of our valued customers. He took advantage of the web marketing and website suggestions we had for him such as:
  • New, modern, website layout and design
  • Standards compliant website
  • New researched keywords
  • Specials and news on the website
  • A shopping cart for most requested products
  • Targeted search engine submits
  • Social media pages and links (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Blogging
  • Expanded visitation reporting
  • **feel free to add anything I forgot**
As soon as his new site was put into place, he immediately started getting leads from the site and increased sales.

Today, when I checked in to see how things are going, I received this quote from him:

Hello Joe,
I'm busier than a one legged ass kicker.  Sales thru November exceeded all
of last year.  Not ignoring you, just don't have time now. 

Bud Thurston

In other words, the new website has had such an impact that he told me to go away, at least until after the holidays!

If you would like to join him, and someday tell me to "go away," call or email me now for details!

Knowledge is power!

Reporting for your web site is very very important! Who visits, when, where did they come from, how long did they spend on site these are just some of the advantages that my company can offer you!

Here are few specifics:

Hundreds of traffic statistics.  

  • Extremely detailed search engine marketing information.  E-mail alerts upon user-definable traffic levels.

Real-Time Reporting
  • Get hundreds of statistics in real-time.  There are no logs to read. 
Comprehensive Search Engine Marketing Features

    • Referrals and search terms are tracked from hundreds of search engines.
    • Tracking is by site and by page for better optimization analysis.
    • See your site's link popularity on top search engines.
    • See your search engine rankings for your search terms on top search engines.  Compare these to your competitors.
    • Research potential click fraud by seeing repeat clicks by IP address, country of origin and more. 

    And much more..... It is easy to set up and you get a password and user name to use anywhere you can access the net.

    Ask me how we can help you!!!

    Until next time...

    Joe Rossini


Do you want to market to a specific area ?

Target your ads locally
Set your ads to appear only to people searching in a particular city, region or country. Now it's easy to target online customers within 20 miles of your front door or across the world.

I can help you do this!  Is there a cost?  Of course there is a cost but if applied and managed properly, it will easily pay for itself. You have a new store opening in a new city...advertise to that city only!  You have a new product that is a specialty product for an area, advertise to that area.

Add a powerful reporting system and track those sales and the success of yur marketing guru :) (ME).

There are many ways to advertise to a location.  Give me a try and see what I can do for you!

Until next time!

Joe Rossini

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Important security warning!

From Brenda Rossini

With the holiday online shopping season, the opportunity for phishing schemes is ripe, and there are plenty of people just waiting to steal your information .... if you're not careful. We are seeing the phishing email schemes proliferating quickly.

What is phishing? In a nutshell, it is a way for criminals to trick you into revealing your online user name and password information by making an email look just like the real thing, and getting you to click on their links. Some examples we've seen include:

  • Fake email from Amazon reminding you to track a package, and giving you a tracking number
  • Fake email from PayPal, informing you that you just made a large payment (which you know you have not made)
  • Fake email from eBay reminding you to make a payment for a purchase (which you have not made)
Always the "give away" is that the links given in the email don't go to the service being spoofed. Usually you may be more careful, but during the holidays if you do a lot of shopping online like I do, you may briefly panic and follow one of the links without thinking about it. And, you may even end up at a site that looks just like the real thing. Then, the trap is set ... if you enter your user name and password, the criminal has your information.

And, they are good at it. Usually the phishing email looks just like the real thing: The appearance, wording, logo, link text, everything. If you compare the real thing side by side with a phishing email, you can't tell the difference aside from the fact that the links don't go to the right place.

So, how do you protect yourself? The solution is simple. First, ALWAYS go to the website for any online shopping service before checking account status or purchases by typing the URL directly into your browser (i.e.,, etc.). That way you KNOW that you are on the right website. Don't be tricked into following suspicious links, or responding to purchasing notices by clicking a link in an email.

Happy Shopping!

Brenda Rossini

Let me bring you leads!

It has been a while, I have been working hard for my customers who I help get leads for. I said get leads not get ranked but get leads! What would you rather have if you payed me $500.00 a month? Would you like to be ranked high in the search engines but not get much play or calls or would you want that phone ringing and your e-mail buzzing and leads coming in? I say that most if not all would say....give me leads!!!! Leads can be turned into sales. Yes it is good to have visitations to a web site but if you do not use it correctly then you waste the leads! Yes you can do your own Google Pay Per Click and save a few dollars but how many times have I seen how that company or person spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars and did not get a return on investment. I can run your campaign and get you click thru's and conversions. You are not an SEO expert, you are an expert in the business you run or have so why try to be. I say allow an expert to drive leads and visitations and PR releases and mini ads and take care of your social media while you do what you do your business!

Our plans start at $200.00 per month, so if you want leads, what would it cost you to hire a salesperson or to advertise in a publication or on the radio? Give us a try!

Until next time.

Joe Rossini