Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An article that is oh so true!

This has nothing to do with web page creation but it is oh so true anyway. You get what you pay for in our business too:

Well, since I never buy new power equipment (I just recycle other folks
old stuff), I am probably not the right person to give opinions on
buying new. But I was going to spend my scarce money on a new mower, it
would NOT be at one of the "big box" stores and certainly not at
Wal-Mart. Who is going to set it up for you and make sure that it is
running correctly? Some high school drop-out getting minimum wage? Who
is going to repair it if something goes wrong? (Most of the big box
stores have arrangements with local repair guys who you will never see
or talk to, and they are paid very little for their work).

You may pay a couple of bucks more when you buy a name brand (Toro,
Snapper, Honda, etc.) from a local franchised dealer, but he will stand
behind the equipment. Also, he won't sell you some piece of junk - he
doesn't want to have to deal with the problems of it falling apart in a
couple of months.

I run our town's semi-annual "Clean-up Day", and I cannot tell you how
many almost new "Big Box store" lawn mowers we get that end up in the
dumpster. Even the laborers helping out won't touch them, and they are
pretty resourceful. I guess the rule of thumb I was taught still holds
true: you get what you pay for.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Are we going to be a Google world?

With a new Google operating system about ready to launch based on a Linux open source operating system. The question is, is the Microsoft monopoly coming to an end. I believe we are moving to an on line world. Google has the money and the size to pull off the change.

How can this affect us? You will see more reliance on the web and the net. I look for a higher speed net or expanded existing net. Alot of more info will be in large databases and this might be a bit scary. I see yu and I wanting newer more powerful computers so we can do more and more with the new speeds and offerings. Google will push its Android and Apple with its products.

Be prepared it is coming and faster than you think!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Keywords are they important?

I just did a keyword search for the word mulch...I got 100 different returns, some mulch I did not know could be mulch :) The point is, keywords are important and some much more than others!

You need to just sit and think, what would I search on to find things about mulch and then write them down. Once you write them down give it to a Pro and let me :) the pro expand upon your list and then you really will have a good list.

article writing

Another way to get your web site noticed is to write an article about your product or company. Lets say you make and sell coffee, write an article about the different varieties of coffee beans and countries of origin. Write me an article and I will post it here and other places if you are a support customer. We can also write you an article from scratch using Tom Rambo our content specialist. Remember, content is king!

Joe Rossini