Thursday, December 29, 2011

New good news about Google+

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

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New entries on my blog about Google and search results:

I want to be on the first page of Google!

Four quick bullet points to get you on that first page:

1. Trust: old websites have an advantage the longer you are around the better you are trusted by the big boys

2. Optimization: make it easy to parse your pages use a professional

3. Keywords and competitors: it's not good to compete with Amazon Be specific dont use easy simple keywords.

4. Backlinks: the better the links, the faster your site will be listed

The more backlinks a website has, the quicker Google will pick up the changes on your website. If your website has great content but only a few backlinks, then it won't get high rankings. can help you!!!!

Quality coding of your web site

From Search engine facts:

Webmasters are not sure about the importance of valid HTML code. Some think that it is very important while other say that it doesn't matter. Last week, Google said that valid HTML code is a quality signal.

Google and Flash

Some webmasters prefer to have a pure Flash website because they can look very impressive. Although Google can index Flash content to some extend, it is very unlikely that a Flash page will get high rankings on Google. Even the noscript tag won't help you.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

This is a neat article about year end deadlines: is pleased to announce the release of the Action Coffee Service new web site
Web page loading speed is important:

Web page loading speed is important

Page speed has become a ranking signal

Searchers tend to be happier if they get what they want as quickly as possible. Although site speed is only a minor factor in Google's ranking algorithm, it makes sense to optimize the performance of your pages.

To do: make sure that your web pages load as quickly as possible. announces an order to create a new web site for Outdoor Solutions of Cass County Missouri. announces an order to create a new web site from a top real estate company in Johnson and Miami County Kansas, Rural KC announces: We will be creating a new web site for Coffey County Kansas.
Tip #2 Social media

Social media a must?

Search has become social

Social signals such as the number of Google +1 clicks, Facebook mentions and tweets now influence the position of your website on Google's result pages.

To do: add social sharing buttons to your website and encourage your website visitors to mention your website on social networks.
New update about Google and rankings:

Tips for your web site

From Alexandra search:Scraper websites or websites with low quality content don't get high rankings anymore. Due to these changes in Google's algorithm, some websites saw a traffic drop of 75% or more.

To do: don't try to promote your website with quick-fix solutions. Quality is more important than quantity.

Keep your web site updated and current!Blog....Facebook do things!

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Friday, December 2, 2011

Neat post about IT services on my blog

A neat tip on IT services

Get Serious About IT Support

Too many small businesses lean on an employee or friend "who knows a bit about computers" to manage their IT needs. But if you're serious about your business's growth and longevity, you need to get serious about IT support by either hiring an IT professional or using an outsourcing firm. The cost will pay off the first time you get the blue screen of death.

If you need IT support please let me know and I can guide you to a great company.

Joe Rossini

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The $1.99 web site what a deal or is it? Go see my blog at

Look close at your web offer before you jump

Recently we investigated a company that offered $1.99/mo web hosting! Wow oh wow what a deal or was it. When we dug into the fine print that $1.99 was only for standard hosting of a very small web site. If you wanted a bigger web site oh that cost more. OK bigger web site more megabyte and Gig usage, guess what...that was more money. Oh you want spam filtering and virus filtering too that was more money. You want more than one e-mail address...more money. You want support..more money and you had to get a support ticket before they would help you. I forget to mention there was a charge for an English speaker!! OK I stretched the truth on that one but not far! Bottom line what started out at $1.99 quickly was past the $60.00/mo mark and that was only just the beginning. I write this because often time companies try to trick you into thinking you are getting a great deal when in reality you are not. I ask you to think local, think American, see that companies such as ours do not charge for our spam filtering, speak clear English, we do not ask for a support ticket. Do you want 5 or 10 e-mail addresses no problem! You want unlimited bandwidth, no problem. Take a look at and see those little hidden things are already included at a very fair price.

Happy Holidays!

Joe Rossini

OH Yes Merry Christmas!!!!