Monday, June 19, 2017

Remember it is not about you when working with clients [it is what you can do for your clients]

Great article by Chaz Horn!


The most useful thing I've learned and can teach you is to take your attention OFF of yourself and put it on the people who need your help. We can't help others when we are focused on ourselves.
At the end of the day, your potential customers don't give a crap about you. They need help, they need it now, so who CARES what kind of House you have on the Coast or how great your accomplishments are... How does what you do provide a specific and amazing OUTCOME for your clients/customers? If you truly care about the welfare of your clients/customers, but you are unable to reach them. Let's talk.
Everything in your business, from your offer, your sales process, marketing to your pricing, to your service & delivery, should be built around one big question:
"What Outcomes do we provide for our clients?"
At Mastery of Selling B2B, this is our mantra. It determines what we teach, whom we hire, and whom we do (and do not) let into our programs.
That one question will never, ever steer you wrong.
Money comes from serving. Serving comes from making the clients' success your #1 priority.

\I am guilty of forgetting this at times even after all of my years in sales. Listen to your client and then try to help them!

More to come later.

Joe Rossini

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