Monday, June 5, 2017

New capabilities to look at

I have recently been testing new capabilities that I can offer to my customers.  One such capability is the capability to give you exact information on who is visiting your web site and where they visited. This is not perfect but you now would get on several occasions the name and telephone number of the potential client so you could call them! Just think if you could double or triple your sales because your sales support knew exactly who to call!

Another thing to think about is a call to action button on your e mail or on your web site that gives something away or at least gets a person to sign up thus once again, you have a name and perhaps a why they came in.

Another method I am looking at would target or re target ads to people that might have visited you for a reason and your sales machine leaves them a cookie so when they are surfing occasionally an ad from you shows up thus reminding them about your product!  If they came in, looked and left without buying,now you kinda follow them around occasionally and remind them on what a great product you have.

Reporting is another very important way to track if your marketing is working. Yes I have looked at Google Analytics but there are other packages that give you so much more information and are easy to use. If you are using adwords or email blasts or other marketing ideas, would it not be nice to know exactly if they are working?

I have also looked at various SEO products that assist you in making sure your product has good keywords, and proper SEO in place. If you spend a good chunk of change on making a new web site should  yo not know if the internals are right? Many people can write a we age but that is about as far as they can go, we go that extra step. Make sure your website is responsive. Make sure you have good keywords internally.

Just think, what would one or two more large orders be worth to you by using some of these new tactics. The new programming and reporting might only cost you as little as Two hundred per month, certainly one big lead would be worth this.

More to come soon.

Joe Rossini

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