Tuesday, June 6, 2017

An interesting offer from Rossini.com

Build a Google ready website, internal reporting, the ability to make changes, hosting, e-mail, standard marketing for one year and more $4995.00. Cannot afford that at once then we finance it for $500.00 per month for one year! Twenty pages, twenty pictures, social media links and more. Contact me at 913-244-6132.

What do our web sites look like? Why don't you go look at http://rossini.com/portfolio.html

Did you want a phone application? Our pricing is generally around $2000.00 to create an Android app.



Examples of Mobile Applications: (Future options)

Ottawa Kansas Coop





Mobile application for large Coop offering information about the company, list of contacts, descriptions and contact information for locations, access to customer functions, access to crop prices, and more.

More to come soon!

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