Monday, April 10, 2017

Some information about Kaspersky anti virus

First I want to start by saying over the years I have used various anti virus programs. Some programs have been great, some free, some with a lot of holes.  I am now using Kaspersky personal version and I have been happy. I am in no way advising you to buy this brand of security but I will say it works for me and I am on a lot.

OK here are some good pages to look at about Kaspersky:

More to read:

There is a lot more. On my version I often choose to run a quick scan it is much faster and it looks at important areas of your computer. A full scan of my system can take over an hour so I usually will run this after business hours.  What ever you choose you must have some form of virus protection and this one is not that expensive to buy. I will be looking at others soon.

One last thing, read this about an overview of Kyspersky it may allow you to think as to why you should choose them:

More to come.

Joe Rossini

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