Thursday, July 13, 2017

How SEO and a good web site can help your business

If you look at web sites today you can see how many of them have been slapped together with the same old cookie cutter approach. I will admit that at times we use that approach because the customer says that is what they want to see or their competitor is like that so we want to be like that. Many of these sites are pretty but they lack in my belief personality and sell power. Many are too congested and lack the draw of the eye to where you want them to go and that is to order or to call. We believe that your web site should tell a story about you and sell your experience and quality and give reasons to buy.  Many times companies forget just how good they are! You get caught up in the day to day hassle that you forget that one of your selling points is that you have been in business for a long time and do quality work. You should share how you take care of customer needs. You should tell the world reasons why buying from you is better than buying form a company in China or any other country. Tell  the story how your products save time and money for a customer. Remember your web site is an extension of you and your business, you built it from the ground up in many cases and it is you so tell them why you are proud to buy from you!

I really believe this and I believe it is what keeps me going and that is I know we can help a business prosper and have helped many in the past. I am proud of my company, remember to be proud of yours.

More next time.

Joe Rossini

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