Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How can you help a customer with their business

I am often asked how I can help a customer make more sales or improve efficiency. As a web sales specialist with marketing in mind it is one of the first things I look at about a business and that is what does the web page tell me about that business. The web site today is like the yellow pages ads of yesteryear or the newspaper ads about a company. Your ad calls out in many cases to the potential customer to call. I know I often as statistics show that the big ads get your attention and draw your eye towards it. Web pages today are similar, a very well done, neat yet professional ad with nice graphics. The web site is your opening to the world and with search engines to do the work the old phrase let your fingers do the walking is true, you type what you want and up comes returns from all over the world. As a web marketeer, I look at ways to make sure that the web site meets the criteria of what the main search engines want. Make the web site fast, make it visually nice, make it interesting. Make sure internally the correct SEO programming is in place such as key words, descriptions, title tags and more.  Now once the web site is done, now you have to market it correctly. The web site can be used in many ways that I will get into soon to capture leads, and to allow your customers to get important facts. I have customers that have facts about heating and cooling systems. I have customers with facts about animals. Do you want to know about electrical systems, I have customers that have facts about that. How about putting white papers about your products on line to help your customers solve problems. The web site can be your way to keep in toch with your customers and to help them.

Ok enough for this small section, more soon.

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