Tuesday, January 16, 2018

SEO and how it can help you

I have shifted a lot of my concentration lately on SEO marketing. I am helping companies get listed in the search engines but more importantly getting them leads. I have taken a different strategy and that is I use multiple ways to bring leads. It is my belief that getting ranked is ok but getting leads is much better! What would you rather have, a lead or just being in Google? I say most people will say bring me leads.
Leads are the life blood for a sales team and I know on the rare occasions that i was given a lead I loved it. Most of my career I had to find my own leads so I feel very much for the sales team. I can bring leads and some can be into the millions of dollars if sold.
How do I do it you ask>
I hse social media, use pr rekeases, use email releases and more. Talk to me and I can show you how I can bring you golden leads!

More to come

Joe Rossini

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